At last weekends International Make Up Artist Trade Show (IMATS) I was so happy to find the Media Makeup stand. You see, they are the exclusive Australian distributor for Make Up For Ever and are only based in Adelaide. Despite my best efforts, it seems there is no other way to get your hands on this brand if you live in Australia. Media Makeup do have an online store but they don’t seem to have all the products available. That presented me with quite a dilemma. While in the USA, I discovered the Aqua Cream range of waterproof cream eye shadows. I had always intended to go back to Sephora and grab some but I stupidly forget about it in all the madness, and at the time I didn’t quite realise HOW hard it was to get the brand back in Oz. I was heartbroken and after looking on the Media Makeup website I couldn’t find my beloved Aqua Cream eye shadows anywhere.

When I found out Media Makeup was going to be at IMATS I was happy but still upset because in all honesty I figured if it wasn’t on their web store than they won’t have it at the trade show. I was wrong!!! They had the full range of Aqua Creams on display and available for sale!!!! The range is big and includes 21 colours (22 in some countries but I haven’t had any luck finding out what colour #19 is). There are 7 colours dedicated to the Lips/Cheeks and another 7 colours only for the Eyes/Cheeks, so the remaining 7-8 can be used on Eyes/Lips/Cheeks. Wow that was a tongue twister so I hope it made sense!

All I cared about was getting my hands on some of those bright coloured eye creams! When it came time to actually picking the colours, I really struggled. There were sooooo many I wanted but at $30.40 each I could really only afford to purchase 4 at the maximum. I covered my hands trying them all out but in the end I settled with ….

  • #13 Warm Beige for a great base colour

  • #17 Plum because I love Purple!

  • #20 Intense Blue to match my favourite pair of Blue suede booties

  • #21 Turquoise for the super-bright WOW factor

  • If I could have purchased one more I would have gone for #22 Emerald Green

Oh I haven’t even told you why these are awesome. Silly me!! Where do I begin? Well, Make Up For Ever take a great quality, full-on pigment and mix it with mother of pearl particles to create one hell of a colourful, shimmery explosion. The tiniest amount of product will illuminate your eyes in one easy sweep. The base is creamy so it spreads easily and blends with no drama BUT the best part is that once it dries it doesn’t go anywhere. It won’t move a fraction! There is some magic potion stuff in these little pots because they don’t crease, smudge, cry-off or rain-off.

These are the sort of eye shadows you realise are worth every single penny as soon as it touches your skin. If all make-up was this good, this quality, and actually available to get at your local department store or specialist beauty retailer ….. then the world would be a much happier place.


AU $30.40 approx

Unfortunately I have not been successful in confirming an actual retail price but this is what I was told by Media Makeup at the time of purchase at IMATS. Make Up For Ever Professional products are sold on the Media Makeup web store but they haven’t listed the Aqua Creams yet. To order the Aqua Creams you will need to call (08) 8223 3233. If you live in Adelaide or going there anytime soon then you can purchase them directly from their store at Mezzanine Level, Shop 17, Renaissance Arcade, Pulteney Street, Adelaide SA 5000.

If you are in the USA you can get them for US $22 each from Sephora. They have 21 colours available and a great product page to view the colour range.

I know I say this a lot but DARN YOU SEPHORA!! Why won’t you ship to Australia? Does my love and dedication mean nothing to you???

Lined up in their little boxes

Sitting on top of their boxes

The lids are open on (L-R) #13 Warm Beige, #17 Plum, #21 Turquoise, #20 Intense Blue

Little bit of skin showing (L-R) #13 Warm Beige, #17 Plum, #21 Turquoise, #20 Intense Blue

Swatchs L-R #13 Warm Beige, #17 Plum, #21 Turquoise, #20 Intense Blue

Close-up on skin L-R #13 Warm Beige, #17 Plum, #21 Turquoise, #20 Intense Blue

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