Kimberly Nissen, Founder and Editor

First and foremost I am not a journalist, a magazine editor or a publicist for some high-end beauty retailer. I am an average female who loves looking and feeling great….and I know a thing or two on how to do that thanks to my unwavering devotion to look the best that I can. I believe when you look good, you feel good and I want other women to not be ashamed for wanting to better their appearance. In a world full of judgement and name calling, I believe you shouldn’t feel like you are selfish or shallow just because you want to look nice. I took a long road to get here but this is the mission I hope to achieve with

I began my career at the premature age of 16 in the offices of one of the biggest magazine publishing companies in Australia. After volunteering for a month of work experience I was offered a role that would lead me to working on many magazine titles and with an array of leading journalists, publishers, beauty editors and fashionista’s. This is where my childhood love of playing with my mothers clothes and make-up really took a step-up, and I discovered the world of beauty writing.

I then went on to working in many exciting roles in the media and marketing industries but my true passion always came back to beauty writing. Thanks to the World Wide Web, it has given me the opportunity to do what I have always wanted and to share and learn with others who share my interest in Beauty.

In 2011, my passion for beauty blogging manifested as I co-foundered the first ever niche specific blogging conference in Australia, The Australian Beauty Bloggers Weekend. Bringing together 80 of Australia’s top beauty bloggers and over 30 of the best beauty brands, paving the way for brand-and-blogger relations in the industry.

Along with working full-time on and freelancing for other publications, I also run Virtual Premier where I work as a consultant on new media and social media management. I’ve published an eBook, The Essential Beginner’s Guide To Working With Bloggers, to assist businesses in understanding bloggers and improving their blogger outreach efforts.

As for hobbies and interests, well, outside of blogging and beauty I love travel, eating good food (especially desserts. I have a serious sweet tooth) and spending time with my beautiful rescue dogs. You will find me campaigning for animal rights and making noise on important social issues (many of which I share in my Getting Personal posts), while I watch my favourite TV shows like The Vampire Diaries, Once Upon A Time and 2 Broke Girls (I am told Kat Denning is my twin, and I agree).

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