Like many women, I suffer the debilitating illness of super fine hair. Sometimes it can work in my favour, like drying time is usually pretty quick, but for everything else it is almost always a setback. Luckily there are some great hair brands out there who have styling tools that work with fine hair. These are my top 5 hair styling tools I always reach for … 

ghd air

One of my favourite new releases from March 2012 was the first ever salon professional hairdryer from ghd. It is amazing for a host of reasons but I find it is really gentle on my fragile hair without lacking incredible performance. It is like the heat is strong and dries my hair quickly (as it should), but doesn’t feel like it is burning it. My hair isn’t so hot afterwards that I need to fan myself down. I might not be a scientist but I know this is a good thing and I can feel my hair is happier with this being my daily hairdryer.

AUS $199 / USA – Not available at this time / UK £99

ghd air

Teasing Brush

I only recently discovered the magic of a teasing brush and I will never ever attempt to tease my hair with a comb again. In all honesty, these babies are pretty much the same everywhere so don’t be too picky about brand and price. The mix of bristle types and the minimal width makes it perfect for hair teasing. With super fine hair like mine, you pretty much always need to tease because we were born without body. These teasing brushes make it easy and do half the damage of a comb!

I bought my Cricket one at Hair Expo for a measly $3 but even at full price you are looking at around $5-$7 (globally!). Here are some places to get them:,, Sally Beauty Supply, ULTA and Beauty Encounter

This is the one I own: Cricket Amped Up Tease Brush in Fushia

Scünci No Slip Grip Bobby Pins

I have a few packs of these bobby pins and I keep every single on of them in sight at all times. Each pin is coated with a silicone-like covering that gives them have a rubbery feel. These are great for anyone who struggles to keep bobby pins in place, but they are especially perfect for fine hair because normal pins just don’t grip.

AUS $6.95 (similar) from Priceline, Target and Big W / USA available from Target & / UK available from Boots

Scunci No Slip Grip Coloured Bobby Pins


Boar Bristle Brush

Everyday brushing is important for fine hair, even though it can be scary losing just 1 little lock. Brushing with a paddle or cushion boar bristle brush massages and stimulates the scalp which is really important for hair growth. Some say their are better brands then others, but while I have never experienced a Mason Pearson I cannot be one to make that call. In my case, I am happy using my Brushworx Natural Woodgrain Boar Bristle Cushion Brush (AUS $19.95) for now.

Here are some places to find a boar bristle hairbrush: Neiman Marcus, Sally Beauty Supply and ULTA

Brushworx Natural Woodgrain Boar Bristle Cushion Brush

Remington Pearl Styler (S9500)

It has been nearly 2 years since I reviewed this hair iron and I am still just in love with it as I was then. This hair straightener is especially good for fine hair because it has all the amazing technology you will find in more expensive straighteners, but it gives you the option to lower the heat so you don’t have to risk burning your hair at the higher temperature that thicker hair requires. For my hair I usually only need about 180°, and anything higher often burns my hair. It also heats up really quick and I the outside stays cool. I have NEVER burnt myself with this baby!

AUS $133.95 / USA $32.99 (similar) / UK £84.99


Remington Pearl Styler Hair Straightener

Do you have fine hair? Do you have any recommendations? Let me know by commenting below!


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