Late last year it seemed spray foundations were all the rage. I liked the sound of them because I am super lazy and anything that required me simply pointing at my face and spraying sounded just lovely. First I bought Dior’s version, DiorSkin AirFlash from Sephora in this haul, then the Napoleon Boudoir Mist a few months ago at Sydney Airport after my flight was delayed. Being Foundation Week, I thought it would be wise to compare the two.

Before I start, I will point out I am wearing a silly headband because one should always protect their hair when working with aerosols!


Napoleon takes a more fun and playful direction with a leopard print box. The actually canister itself is quite boring and I was hoping for something just as playful. The gold scratched metal body with silver neck and black lid are all simple, added with the plain text it just doesn’t pop.

Then there is Dior, and in true Dior fashion, this one is class all the way! I love their metallic dark blue boxes and embossed silvery-gold labelling. The canister body is a beautiful pale flesh colour with midnight blue text and lid. There is also a silver neck that has ‘DIORSKIN’ etched all around. It is one of those make-up products I can just stare at all day.

Dior is a wee bit taller than Napoleon


When I purchased the Boudoir Mist from Napoleon, the lovely staff member who assisted me told me to apply it by moving my hand in small circular motions while spraying. I have followed the instructions but I find the application is just too light. The formula itself is very light so I found I had to move my hand closer to my face (20cm is recommended, I do about 10cm) in order to see anything transfer. I try to work quick with this one because the fragrance is quite strong (kind of like paint) and the power of the aerosol is turbo-charged so it can feel a bit cold if you don’t stop between sprays. I really like the nozzle on this one because it supports the finger a little more and doesn’t require you to push too hard.

DiorSkin AirFlash instructions state to spray your face in a Z-shape starting at the left side of your forehead. Again you have to hold it 20cm away but the formula comes out much stronger in this one so you may wish to hold it even further than that. There is next to no fragrance and the pressure is much lighter on the skin. At first, I thought nothing was coming out … until I opened my eyes. A mere few seconds for near full coverage application. The nozzle is a little less supportive on the finger but still easy to push.

Neutral and plain

Napoleon Perdis 'Boudoir Mist'

Dior 'DiorSkin AirFlash'


In person and in good light the Napoleon one does show a reasonable light coverage. The first few minutes after application it is really hard to see but after about 10 minutes I find I can see the full results. I also find I don’t need to wear a powder over this one because it kind of has a powderish finish. I personally wouldn’t use this as a stand alone foundation because it is just too sheer for me, but when I team it with another sheer foundation it works really well. I can’t feel it on my skin and to touch there is no messy transfer once it has set. I get about 4-6 hours wear.

I highly recommend Napoleon Perdis ‘Boudoir Mist’ for those who want a little bit of something but with minimal effort. It comes in 5 shades, I used Look 1 (the lightest).

At the other end of the spectrum is DiorSkin AirFlash. It provides almost complete full coverage for me. The finish is really even and totally airbrushed. I don’t find I have to go back over any areas. I don’t need to use powder over this one either and it still lasts a really long time. I can do a full 8 hour day without retouching. However, if you are prone to touching your face you will need to fill in some areas because this one does transfer easily onto the fingers.

This one would be best for people who want complete coverage, super quick. Absolutely perfect for instantly flawless skin. It also comes in 5 shades and again I used the lightest, Light Beige 200.

Back to plain jane

Napoleon Perdis 'Boudoir Mist'

Dior 'DiorSkin AirFlash'

What Napoleon Perdis Says ….

Beauty in a flash? Boudoir Mist Spray Foundation makes the concept a reality. In just a few seconds, our aerosol foundation evens out skin tone, reduces the appearance of fine lines, and creates a flawless finish that lasts all day. The resulting look is equivalent to professional air-brush makeup. Natural fruit extracts Acai and Acerola help to revitalize your complexion, while high-tech peptides aid in diminishing wrinkles.

Suitable for all skin types. Available in your shade.

Information from Napoleon Perdis

What Dior Says ….

Delivers an “airbrushed” effect with precision and ease. Evens out skin tone and visibly diminishes the appearance of fine lines and skin irregularities.

Information from Sephora


Napoleon Perdis ‘Boudoir Mist’

AU $69 rrp from Napoleon Perdis, David Jones and selected retailers

US $49 Napoleon Perdis Concept Stores, Ulta and selected retailers

Dior ‘DiorSkin AirFlash’

AU $84 from Pulse Pharmacy

US $60 from Sephora

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