For a little while now we have been hearing about Anastasia Soare in Australia. Her products even got an advertorial on one of our fine current affairs program. If you haven’t heard of her, then you probably aren’t one to care about your eyebrows all that much but as I have blogged before, eyebrows are important. Don’t neglect them!

So a little about Anastasia Soare, she is known as the ‘brow expert’ in Beverly Hills, California and and only a short time ago she released her at-home products. Their stand at this years Hair Expo in Sydney was packed every minute of every day. At first, I personally wasn’t too interested in her ‘style’ because ultimately she uses stencils to pick the eyebrows to suit a person and I am a believer that eyebrows cannot be chosen like that. They should be shaped based on the person’s face and individually styled. So I kept walking and didn’t pay much attention.

As the hype began to grow, I thought maybe I should try it out, after all I am not a huge fan of my own eyebrows. Being in New York I have had the perfect opportunity as there is an Anastasia Brow Studio conveniently located in the Sephora Times Square store. I made sure I went to my appointment with no make-up and completely messy eyebrows because when having something professional done, I like to get my moneys worth. You can relate to that right?

My eyebrow expert Emma introduced herself and got me to sit down in the cute Pink recliner chair. I kinda felt like I was at an old-fashioned barber shop about to have my beard shaved off (my imaginary beard…I swear I do not have a beard!). I got Emma to take a quick ‘Before’ snap of my mug before she got underway. First and foremost Emma held a stencil to my brow area and drew on some black marks. I guess this is where my brows were meant to be. She used Anastasia’s miracle colouring in powder to fill in the area of my new brows and then removed the stencil. This is when I snuck in another quick photo opportunity, see below. There was then a quick flurry of hot wax, plucking, brushing and cutting. Little tiny hairs flicked everywhere and I think I started to hyperventilate. When your lying down with nothing to see your reflection, and that much hair is going past your eyes…. you start to panic, well I start to panic!

Emma finally said she was all done and handed me a mirror. I didn’t know what to say, they were soooo different. At first I wasn’t sure if I liked it but the more I starred at them, the more I appealing I found them. To finish there was a selection of Anastasia make-up products applied to my brows and surrounding areas and then I got a complete run through of everything that was used on me. Naturally, I bought them all.

My eyebrow makeover cost US $30.77. I then bought The Kit for Perfect Brows and Eyes for US $75 available only at Sephora which contains Cooling Eye Brightener, Mini Lash Lifting Mascara, DVD and Instruction Guide, Stencils, Brow Powder Duo, Precision Tweezers, Clear Brow Gel, Matte Camille Highlighter and Mini Duo Brush. You can purchase something similar direct from the official Anastasia website for US $85 and they ship worldwide!! The Anastasia 7-Element All In One Brow Kit comes in 5 shades and includes the Brow Stencils, Highlighting Pencil, Precision Tweezers, After Tweeze Cream, Brow Powder Duo, Mini Duo Brush #7 and Clear Brow Gel.

Now the important part… be honest, how do I look?
NOTE: Please excuse my poor appearance, I was in tired-jet-lag mode




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