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If you are an avid follower of celebrities you probably have heard of Ingrid Seaburn previously. Ingrid is an Aussie lass who made it big in the USA as a skin therapist to the stars. She spent over 13 years attending to some of the hottest Hollywood stars and keeping them looking young, which is no easy feat in a city where aging is considered worse than death. One of her clients has been my beauty idol for years – Teri Hatcher – so you can imagine how excited I was to have Ingrid share some of her best anti-aging tips.

I couldn’t keep all of Ingrid’s gems to myself so I am sharing them with you. Some you will have known all along and others will be news to you. Either way, take note because this is one expert who knows what she is talking about. 

Vitamin A

Ingrid says every woman over the age of 30 should be using Vitamin A every single day. It contributes to the performance of many key body functions but in my opinion none more importantly so than skin and cellular health. There are 3 primary forms of Vitamin A – Retanoid, Retinol/Retinal and Retinoic Acid – which can be confusing but all very important to preventing aging.

Ingrid recommends you take the time to learn about these different forms so you can make sure you are getting the benefits of Vitamin A. Most can be consumed through the food we eat but topical Vitamin A is important too. A great place to start this investigation is at Wikipedia’s Vitamin A page.

I recommend: Alpha-H Vitamin A 0.5% Serum – Get it from Adore Beauty, Beauty Bay, Active Skin and Cult Beauty

Alpha-H - Vitamin A 0.5 Serum

Alpha-H – Vitamin A 0.5 Serum

Hair Colour

Did you know the underlying tone of your skin should match the underlying tone of your hair? So that means if you are cool skinned your hair should be a cool tone as well, and same goes for warm. However, in reality I know I am guilty of picking out a hair colour based purely on how pretty I think it is when sitting in front of me. I definitely don’t think about if it is warm or cool or if it will even suit me!

Ingrid points out that aside from the actual tone, the most complimentary hair colour is one that is at the most 2-3 shades lighter or deeper than your natural hue. Personally, I am a lover of extremes but when it comes to aging I agree that straying too far from your natural colour will work against you. Of course hair is also an outlet for creative expression – so this tip only applies if you are aiming to look younger.

I recommend: Schwarzkopf Colour Mask – Available from Priceline and Superdrug

Schwarzkopf - Colour Mask

Schwarzkopf – Colour Mask

Clean Eating

What you put in is what you get out. In beauty terms, what you eat/drink is what will show on the outside. It is something I struggled to grasp until I had my own lightbulb moment not too long ago. Now I understand it. Ingrid says how we fuel our body directly impacts how our body looks.

Eating whole foods is the best way to keep a hold of our youth. Processed foods are bad, and the worst culprit is sugar. Sugar is a toxic drug for our body that ages us quicker than we would age without it. Unfortunately these days sugar is used in almost everything processed and that is just one of the many reasons to cut out both. Fructose (natural sugar found in fruit) is not the enemy but everything in moderation is key. For now, cut out anything processed and anything with sugar.

A little plant power can do a lot of good

A little plant power can do a lot of good


A further extension to the clean eating point is to stay hydrated. Make water your best friend. The human body is majority water and we need it to survive. We need it more than we need oxygen!

Woman Drinking Water Bottle


Last but definitely not least – exfoliate! But not as much as you think. Ingrid says over exfoliation is common these days as we obsess with our skin feeling smooth and silky, just like it does after a good exfoliation. The problem with this is that we often remove skin that isn’t quite ready to come off, which causes inflammation and in turn inflammation is the exact process that causes our skin to age. Throwing away exfoliation all together isn’t an option either, we need to get rid of the dead skin cells that sit on the surface if we want our skincare products to work. The solution is to exfoliate gently on a semi-regular basis.

Ingrid recommends using an enzyme-based exfoliant (one that exfoliates by chemical reaction with our skin) instead of a physical exfoliant (scrubs with hard particles to manually remove cells). Using an enzyme exfoliant once or twice per week will lift off the dead cells and leave the healthy ones in tact. This applies to your body and your face so treat them equally.

I recommend: Jurlique Fruit Enzyme Exfoliator – Get it from Jurlique, and Dermstore.

Jurlique - Fruit Enzyme Exfoliator

Jurlique – Fruit Enzyme Exfoliator

What anti-aging measures do you undertake? Let me know by commenting below!

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