It is never too early to care for your skin, and I mean never. Many people usually wait until they have something they don’t like about their skin before looking for something to solve their problem, but like most things in life prevention is usually the best solution. The new Anew Aqua Youth line from Avon works follows that manta.

Targeted at consumers in their 20’s, Anew Aqua Youth is designed to keep facial skin fit and healthy. The line was included as one of my favourite new beauty products to launch in October, and today I am reviewing the face cleanser for you. 

My Review

  • The packaging of the cleanser isn’t anything fancy. A plain blue plastic tube stands on a flip-open lid. It is a 125ml in size so that is a lot of face cleanser and should last well over a month of everyday use.
  • Inside is a creamy gel formula with a somewhat sticky texture but once mixed with water it lathers quite quickly. It foams up to almost 4 times the size of the amount you squirt out so don’t be generous when first trying it. You really only need a pea sized amount to do your full face and neck.
  • The fragrance in my opinion is a mix of fresh, powdery and slightly floral, but once on the face I found it to have a strong cooling menthol effect on my skin. Most of the time it felt nice but I found the outer corners of my nostrils where I have extra dry patches felt it was a little too strong and because it foams up it went into my nose, no matter how careful I was to avoid it.
  • While I don’t recommend using one face cleanser for removing makeup AND dirt and grime (I prefer to use a makeup remover and then wash with a cleanser), this one did a pretty good job of removing my daily makeup and left my skin feeling clean without being tight or drying.
  • After using for 30 days I have found this is a great cleanser for those with no real skin concerns but want to start making sure their skin is clean and fresh. I would go so far as to recommend even teenagers use this product despite it being targeted at 20-somethings.

What Avon say ….

Avon Aqua Youth Cleanser gently cleanses and helps the skin feel smoother and more hydrated. It is formulated with H20 power technology to gently remove make-up and impurities and leave the skin feeling clean, smooth and hydrated. Suitable for all skin types.

Animal Cruelty Policy: According to, Avon do test their products on animals.

Stockist Details

Australia $24.99 from Avon

USA & UK – Not yet available in these countries


Avon Aqua Youth Cleanser

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