How To Beat Bad Beauty Habits

Beauty bloggers may know how to online shop like its their job and keep their stuff organised, but they have bad habits too. Beauty bloggers are just humans. Despite the pedestal society has put some of us on, the majority of us are proud to be real women. With this in mind, I gathered my friends from Beauty Blog Coalition to share their bad beauty habits and what, if anything, they are trying to do about it.

We hope you see that we aren’t perfect robots, we are just women looking to be the best possible versions of ourselves. 

“My bad beauty habit is biting my lips. I’m trying to stop it by using lip scrubs and constantly applying lip balm.” – Phyrra

” I’ve been procrastinating lately on washing my makeup brushes. I know being too dead tired from work isn’t a valid excuse but really, I’m just too tired. When I think of germs lurking, that’s reason enough not to procrastinate.” – TheFabZilla

“My bad beauty habit is picking my cuticles when they get too dry. To stop it I apply cuticle oil on my cuticles and use hand cream so that my cuticles are moisturised and there isn´t anything to pick” – Beauty by Miss L

“Washing my makeup brushes for sure! I started last week and still have a pile to go.. but I’m lazy and I have way too many to wash.” – Love for Lacquer

“I’m a reformed nail biter but when I’m super stressed I still get at my thumb nails. I don’t even notice I’m doing it until they’re gone.” – Blushing Noir

“Biting my cuticles when dry. I use Digital Nails “Ctrl+Z” cuticle oil several times a day to keep them soft.” – Polish Galore

“I bite my lip when I’m anxious(or a LOT). I’m healing my lips with the Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask.” – Daydreaming Beauty

“When my nails are very short, I pick my mascara off, sometimes taking lashes with it. I try to keep my nails longer and don’t use waterproof mascara, so if I do it, the lashes are less likely to come out. Even with long nails, I don’t use waterproof mascara because just the removal is too hard on my lashes.” – Pointless Cafe

“Once one nail starts chipping, I chip/peel away the rest of the polish on all of my nails instead of waiting to get home and use polish remover.” – BeautyXpose

“Picking my nail polish! It damages my nails and takes forever to grow out, but I often find myself doing it in times of stress.” – Polish Insomniac

“I do not moisturize my face daily. I created a challenge for myself to be accountable for being consistent with daily moisturizing. I also moved my moisturizer to my bathroom counter from my vanity. That way it is on my mind as soon as I wash my face.” –  Grow It Girl

“I pick at the tips of my my nails with my other hand – peeling off the top layer of the nails is such a stress-buster for me, like popping bubblewrap, and I seriously do it all the time. To prevent this, I have to use polish all the time, at least clear polish.” – My Beauty Junction

“I pluck facial hair too much. If I feel something sticking out on my chin I can’t stop touching it until I get to tweezers. I’ve tried a lot of things and the newest is NoNo Pro 3. It’s helping but slowly on my chin.” – Beauty Info Zone

“I have a bad habit of pulling gray hairs and picking at my cuticles. I have started combatting those problems by using products to touch up grays and I now rub cuticle oil on instead of picking!” – My Newest Addiction

“I used to bite my nails… it was a habit that lasted 13 years. I finally kicked it when I turned 16, but now I pick at my cuticles… baby steps, right?” – Slashed Beauty

“I chew on my lips constantly. My boyfriend tells me when he notices it because most of the time I don’t realize I do it. Part of why I hate swatching lip products, you can tell in the photos that I gnaw away a bit.” – Cosmetic Sanctuary

“Peeling off my polish and popping my zits… and so far, I’m doing nothing to stop either thing! I also pluck my grey hair and my facial hair.. but I didn’t think those were bad habits!” – Lit From Within

“I rarely actually properly cleanse my face at night. I take the lazy way out. I just use eye makeup remover, follow up with a couple of makeup remover wipes to cleanse, apply my serum, eye cream and night cream and call it good. It’s bad, I know. I’m not breakout prone and it seems to do the job so I’ve fallen into the habit.” – Icy Nails

“I pluck my eyebrows way too much, I’m talking daily. I just can’t leave them alone and I know how bad overplucking is. I’m currently trying to not touch them more than once a week. I try to moisturize my face and put on eye cream before I stop to look at my eyebrows because I never pluck them after doing those things, so it’s helping so far!” – Confessions of a Makeup Addict

“Sometimes, I don’t wash my face before going to bed. I know it’s not the worst habit in the world, but I remember reading somewhere that for every night you sleep with makeup, it ages your face by 7 days. I’m not sure that’s exactly true, but it certainly doesn’t help not to wash!” – Gouldylox Reviews

“I touch my hair way too much. For curly hair, the more you touch it, the more likely it is to frizz and you lose your curl definition. I’ve been trying to be aware of how often I touch my hair, and to use protective styles so I don’t touch it” – Be Happy and Buy Polish

“I have a huge bad habit of picking at my face. It could be nothing and I will make it something. I have been doing better by doing a weekly pamper facial and making keeping up on a solid skincare routine. If there is nothing to pick, then I won’t pick. Lol…” – Makeup Life and Love

“I don’t wash my makeup brushes often enough, which is a terrible beauty habit I have! I should be more diligent about weekly washes, but it just doesn’t end up happening most of the time. I think it would be helpful to get a specific brush cleanser- might help make the whole routine easier. ” – In Her Makeup Bag

“I pick at my cuticles when I’m stressed. I try to stop by keeping my nails polished and cuticles well moisturized. Manicures also help keep them neat!” – Lipgloss Break

“My bad beauty habits are picking at my face, bitting my lip and nails when i’m stressed. I have fake nails to help me quit the habit and I always wear lip balm or lipstick to stop myself from biting my lips. The face picking part is still a challenge” – SmashinBeauty

“Washing my face at night is such an inconsistent thing with me. I either go all out, do my lazy girl bedside bit, or nothing at all. Idk why, I see such awesome results when I follow a good routine.” – Mama Fashionista

Do you have a bad beauty habit? Have you kicked any bad habits? Let me know by commenting below!


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