Beauty Sample Box gift idea tutorial

A thoughtful gift is always the best kind of gift to give and receive. It shows a person that you really have thought about them, what they like and what would bring them joy. One of my go-to gift ideas for special occasions and the holidays is to assemble gift bags or gift boxes containing little bits and pieces the person will like. In 2011 I showed you my DIY Mother’s Day gift bag but after seeing Kendra of Citizen of Beauty share her cute Christmas gift idea I thought I should give you an update on what I’ve been doing currently.

I have a lot of girlfriends who don’t really keep up with the latest and greatest in beauty (if only they had a friend who wrote a blog about it!) so I take the opportunity to introduce them to awesome new products with my DIY beauty box gifts. Assembling something personal for them becomes less about dollar value and more about the time and thought you spent on them. While I was wrapping one up for a friend, I thought I would share with you exactly how to create one. 

What You’ll Need

  • A cardboard gift box
  • Ribbon
  • Stuffing – i.e. straw, tissue paper, cello
  • Small beauty items (or other items if you wish, like fashion accessories, foodie treats, etc)

If I don’t already have them on hand, I will usually purchase the items I want to include in the box based on the person I’m creating it for. However, you could also use some items you may have unused in your own collection or deluxe samples you’ve received as gift with purchases (we all know Sephora and ULTA are the best for those!) which is a much more eco-friendly option.


  1. Fill the box with your stuffing, creating a well in the middle to place your items. If you are posting your gift try to make the base padded.
  2. Place the items in the box just as you wish for them to be displayed when the lid is opened. Presentation is important so don’t just throw them in.
  3. Pop the lid on and tie a ribbon around the entire box.

OPTIONAL: You can add a little gift tag or attach a christmas card. I like to be eco-friendly in this sense so I hand deliver my gifts where possible, saving on paper and extra wrapping which usually goes straight to landfill. If you’re interested in some other eco-friendly Christmas ideas, I love this Green Christmas article for lots of handy tips.

Beauty Sample Box gift idea tutorial

Product Recommendations

If you don’t have cute beauty minis on hand don’t worry, you can easily pick up some before Christmas. eBay and Amazon are a great place to pick up bulk lots of deluxe samples, or check out some of my recommendations for travel size and petite beauty items here, including sets you could split up into different gift boxes:

Have you created a DIY gift for a loved one? What would you love to receive in a beauty box made just for you? Let me know by commenting below.

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