Day to Night Makeup Tutorial

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Did you know that Australia is a nation of uniform lovers? A recent survey by found 82% of Aussies would consider entering into a relationship with a man or woman in uniform – and of course we would, they’re not only sexy but they are heroes. They are the nurses who treat us when we are sick, the flight attendants who will save our lives if our plane loses an engine and we plummet from the sky, the lifeguards who drag tourists from the water at Bondi Beach who didn’t realise you need to know how to swim. Many of my friends work uniform jobs and the one common complaint I hear amongst them is that the thing they least feel like doing after working a 10-12hour shift is dressing up and going out to meet and mingle at a bar to find a partner.

I may not be able to help you find a hot date – that’s what do, my matchmaking skills are shocking – but I can help you once you have lined up a date with a uniformed hottie. The majority of my uniformed friends are nurses, doctors, paramedics and army personnel. They work tough jobs and have to keep their beauty look functional – hair off the face, no flamboyant colours, etc. With this in mind I’ve created a quick makeup tutorial for the gorgeous ladies who are going from the end of a long shift out to meet their date. These simple tricks will turn your conservative life-saving look into smoking-hot, may-need-to-call-another-uniformed-hero show stopper. 

Step 1: Brow Power

Brush, fill and tame those brows. Don’t underestimate the power neat eyebrows have on your face. Brush them upwards and outwards, and add some brow fill (powder or pen).

Makeup Tutorial Brow Filling

Work Day to Date Night – Fill in your brows

Step 2: Light Up

A touch of illuminator dabbed on the top of your cheekbones will add some glimmer that will catch the light …. and your date’s eye.

Makeup Tutorial Illuminate

Work Day to Date Night – Highlight your cheekbones

Step 3: Bold Lines

You probably wear a little mascara and some brown liner to work but to quickly turn that into a glamorous look all you need is black liquid liner. Work that upper lash line with a bold, thicker line for some serious wing or keep it tight to the lashline with a flick on the end for a safer option.

Makeup Tutorial Winged Eyeliner

Work Day to Date Night – Apply black liquid eyeliner

Step 4: I’m Blushing

By the time your shift is finished any blush you had on is probably long gone. Touch up with a slightly dark pink shade to give your cheeks a natural kiss of colour.

Makeup Tutorial Cheek Blusher

Work Day to Date Night – Rosy cheeks

Step 5: Pout Perfect

It’s all about the lips, baby. Choose a red or raspberry lip colour in an opaque gloss or satin finish. Forget about sparkly lipgloss or anything sticky.

Makeup Tutorial Red Lipstick

Work Day to Date Night – Cherry red lips

Step 6: Let Your Hair Down

Take your hair out of that demure bun or neat braid, flip your head over and shake it out. Use a teasing brush or tail comb to tease the hair on the top of your head to give you a little lift.

Makeup Tutorial Hair down

Work Day to Date Night – Loosen your locks

Get A Date

If you are over “hookup culture” and short affairs, jump over to Their survey proved that Australia’s men and women in uniform are looking for life partners over a fleeting fling, with (91%) saying they are in it for the long haul – making them the ideal date if you’re seeking something serious.

Are you in uniform? Are you in a relationship with someone who wears a uniform? Let me know by commenting below!

Date Night Makeup Tutorial

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