Beauty Gift Guide for Beginners

When I was a teenager I was very curious about makeup and beauty products, and I was extremely lucky that I had a mother who never stopped me from exploring that interest. My mother wasn’t a major consumer of beauty products but she owned makeup and I had seen her use it, and she went to the beautician every now and then but to me it was like a foreign world that I longed to explore. My mother would let me buy little makeup kits or palettes every now and then, or she would buy me them as a treat, and thinking of this memory it hit me that they were some of the best gifts I had ever received.

I’ve posted a number of Beauty gift guides over the past few weeks but this one I’m dedicating to the girls and women who are just toeing with their interest in beauty. Whether it be you or someone you know, someone aged 8 or 48 … there comes a time for most women when that interest is sparked, and when nurtured and allowed to run free it can grow to become something wonderful. As I’ve always believed, beauty products aren’t a selfish commodity, they are a tool of creativity, of art and of self-expression.

When this interest is starting out you don’t necessarily need the biggest and best tools. Variety is more important and along with inspirational tools like Pinterest, blogs and YouTube there is no limit to what can be achieved. With that in mind, I bring you a selection of beautiful beauty gift ideas that would be perfect for a novice.

500 Eye Makeup Designs

Actually, this recommendation is for ANYONE who has eyes. Whether you’re a makeup novice or a pro makeup artist, this book by Kendra Stanton is a must-have. Kendra’s incredible talent is put on display in this book that includes looks ranging from everyday safe-for-work looks through to extravagant, drag-queen glamour. Every skill level is covered and it gives you goals to work towards creating your own magnificent looks. Available as eBook or paperback.

Australia – Amazon and Booktopia

USA & UK – Amazon

Kendra Stanton's 500 Eye Makeup Designs

Designer Brands

The affordable pharmacy beauty brand delivers a great offering with the Glam Addict palette. The 10 shimmery neutral eyeshadows and black eyeliner are essentials for any woman. The cute purse style packaging includes a large mirror inside and comes adorned in a glittery cover, a choice of Rainbow or Silver.

Australia $9.99 from Designer Brands, Price Attack and leading pharmacies.

Designer Brands Glam Addict palette



The bronzed goddess look is so hot right now but it’s also a winner for summertime. Bronzing the skin can be a great makeup artistry weapon so it’s important to embrace the variety one colour can create and that’s why I’m loving the Bronzed Bunny Collection. I only started playing with bronzers a couple of years ago and honestly, I still don’t know what I’m doing, so I wish I had something like this to play with earlier. The set includes a bronzing powder, liquid illuminator, eyeshadow and lipstick.

Australia $19.99 from Chemist Warehouse

Playboy Bronzed Bunny The Bronze Collection set

Sanctuary Spa

Indulgence is something we’re raised to believe as selfish but we need to change that. Taking care of yourself is not selfish and something as little as taking the time to pamper your skin is an easy way to feel good and look good. The Luxury Moisture Collection is my pick for those who need to learn to take some time for themselves. The set includes 2 Day Moisture Shower Oil, 4 Day Moisture Body Oil Spray, 4 Day Moisture Oil Scrub, 5 Day Moisture Creamy Body Oil and loofa.

Australia $25 from Priceline

Sanctuary Spa Luxury Moisture Collection

Colour by T.B.N.

Nail art is a booming business but we all have to start somewhere, and a great starting point would be the Fluoro Nail Kit. Five hotly hued nail lacquers in generous 15ml bottles means you can play and create without worrying about wasting expensive nail lacquers. They are great quality and come with a large, easy to use brush wand.

Australia $9.99 from Price Attack and leading pharmacies.

Fluoro Nail Polish Set


In search of something simple to get your head around colour cosmetics? The Lip & Nail packs from Ulta3 are the perfect introduction. A popping hue of nail polish and lipstick in one pack makes a great stocking stuffer or secret santa gift as well. Available in six combinations, including Sizzling Red/Wet Red, Bo Peep/Oh So Cute, Pale Dahlia/Cute Pink, Bright Me/Firecracker, French Pink/Nude Kisses and Freesia/Mauve Blush.

Australia $4 from selected pharmacies.

ULTA3 Lip and Nail set

What early memories do you have of using beauty products? Is there something you’d recommend for a beauty novice? Let me know by commenting below!

The following brands are certified cruelty-free:

Colour by TBN and Designer Brands

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