Each month the beauty industry globally releases hundreds of new products, shades and collections. It can be really hard to stay on top of all the new pretty products that come out, even if you are the savviest shopper around. Starting now, I am going to attempt to make the process a little easier for everyone by posting my favourite new releases each month.

Think of this new series as a monthly hit list of items to keep an eye out for. As we are in the middle of March, it means a change of season and we see all the awesome new collections hit shelves. The first month of a new season is always the most exciting so without further delay, let’s get into the hottest products to hit shelves this March.


ghd air

The brand that made hair stylers a household essential have a very exciting release for us this month. For the first time ever, ghd bring you the ghd air – a professional hairdryer that will blow you away.

Aside from having the most spectacular packaging a hairdryer could come in, the tool itself is very snazzy. It has a professional strength AC motor for powerful drying and a much longer motor life. The advanced ionic technology reduces frizz and the ergonomic handle design makes the hairdryer so comfortable to hold. If you blowdry your own hair you would know the pain of having the switches feel like they are in the wrong spot, well ghd know this happens so they have actually relocated the switches to the back of the handle. No more accidental switching off and it is so much easier to control.

On Sale NOW from ghd salons and online

John Frieda – Precision Foam Colour

Home hair colour in foam form is no longer that new to Australia, but supposedly it all started with John Frieda’s revolutionary innovation, Precision Foam Colour. Finally, we are getting it here in Australia. My previous review of the Schwarzkopf version was one of my top 5 posts of 2011 and this technology has brought home hair dye back to being an easy and simple method for maintaining their colour. Will John Frieda’s product beat all the rest? According to them, it will, and from what I have seen so far I think this one is going to be a real winner. The 20 shade collection covers everything from light ash blonde to the blackest of black.

On sale now from John Frieda stockists, major supermarkets and pharmacies.


Sally Hansen – Easter Salon Effects

I know I have said previous limited edition collections of the Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips were my favourite, but I take it all back. This Easter collection is without a doubt my new fave! The five designs are limited edition (as always) and include All A Flutter, Pink-A-Dot, Mad For Plaid, Not A Peep and Checker Out. All designs are in pastel hues and are just the girliest little nail treats I have seen in a long time.

On sale now from selected drugstores and variety retailers.


M.A.C Cosmetics

In true MAC style there are a bunch of awesome new products to get us giddy this season. If you are a MAC fan, or even if you aren’t … prepare yourself!

Too Supreme: Fresh shades of Sheen Supreme Lipstick are joined by the introduction of the new Sheen Supreme Lipglass. This new take on lipglass comes in a clickable pen-style applicator with a soft brush applicator. With 11 frosty shades in Sheen Supreme Lipglass and 13 shades in a frost or creme finish in the Sheen Supreme Lipstick, you will be sure to find one you love.

Too Supreme collection line-up

Shop MAC: We all know I love to shop, and when you combine that with my new found love of MAC, you get a collection like this one that calls me name. The colour palette is varied, but combines wearable hues with bold hues to bring you a mix of looks. The most exciting is the 4 new eye shadow palettes with cute names like Shop & Drop and Sugar Snack.

Shop MAC collection line-up

Cook MAC: Who likes kitschy, kooky fun in the kitchen? The tartan print outer packaging on this collection tells you instantly what you are in for. Strong, solid colours make up this collection and bring some much needed brightness to our cooling climate. If you like your nails to stand out, head straight for the limited edition nail colours in Al Fredo, Salad Dressed and Kid Orange.

All on sale now from all M.A.C locations and online

Cook MAC collection line-up

MAC & Marcel Wanders: Dutch industrial designer, Marcel Wanders, brings his unique concept to the world of cosmetics for a second time with this collection for MAC. The entire collection is housed in modern, almost-architectural designs in a standout chrome finish. The lip glosses and lipsticks are my fave with their pretty, curvy lids (similar to the ones on their False Lash mascara) but I have a feeling the Sheer Mystery Powder will be the biggest sellers. My tip though, get the lip gloss named after yours truly, ‘Kim’ (don’t try and correct me. I will think what I want!).

On sale March 26 from all M.A.C locations and online

MAC & Marcel Wonders collection line-up


Almost Lipstick: The Black Honey Almost Lipstick has been a cult favourite since 1989 and continues to be a best-seller. This month Clinique launches 7 new shades in the Almost Lipstick range, and the sheer colours will leave your lips looking fabulous. The entire line is inspired by Black Honey, so you have shades such as Lovely Honey, Chic Honey and Shy Honey. The best thing about the ultra sheer formula is that no matter what colour you pick, it will create a custom hue on your lips. Natural, unique beauty guaranteed!

On sale March 25 from Clinique counters and online

Quickliner For Eyes Intense: These richly pigmented eyeliners are a new upgrade on the best selling Quickliner For Eyes. The creamy, crayon-like pencil is silky smooth ti apply and has a smudger on the other end for softening. The reported 12 hours of wear is a definite win, but it is the colour options which are really my favourite thing about this new release. Available in black, chocolate, plum, charcoal, ivy and midnight blue, the liners are water-resistant and non-fading. Win!

On sale March 26 from Clinique counters and online


Eyeshadows are always a soft spot for me. My opinion is you simply can never have enough, and with these new Dew Pots you will see why. The rich, intense shades are perfect for Autumn (in the southern hemesphere) but will also add some deep dark colours to your collection, which really is a rarity. They definitely remind me of Paint Pots by MAC Cosmetics but in a far more vibrant range of colours.

On sale now from MeMeMe online

Revlon – PhotoReady Airbrush Mousse Makeup

Is it just me or does a new foundation sound as exciting to you as the music you hear from an ice cream truck at the beach in the height of summer? Yes, I am that excited about this new product from Revlon. Airbrush + Mousse = dreamy. It is foamy, airy, lightweight and sounds like an absolute cinch to apply. The PhotoReady range has been a big winner for Revlon, and I have no doubt this new foundation will be the best seller of all the products. Seriously, so excited!

On sale now from all Revlon retailers


Clearasil Ultra – Rapid Action Seal-To-Clear Gel

I am the first to admit that pimples are not a problem I suffer with often, but when I do they are big, mean buggers that are made worse by my incessant picking. I am a constant face toucher, even though I know how many germs can be transferred from hand to face. This new Clearasil spot treatment not only fights the pimple but it also dries to create an invisible barrier from germs. It is like putting your pimple in a germ-free bubble. Perfect for anyone who can’t help but touch their face!

On sale now from supermarkets and pharmacies.


Calvin Klein – Sheer Beauty

A new fragrance from Calvin Klein is hitting stores this week, Sheer Beauty. Classed as a Fresh Fruity Floral fragrance, it is a really delicate, sparkling fragrance but still sexy and confident. While the top and middle notes are mostly floral (and not usually my style of fragrance), the dry down has musk and creamy woods that really appeal to me. Available as an eau de toilette spray in 50ml and 100ml.

On sale March 18 from department stores and leading fragrance retailers.

Versace – Yellow Diamond

I will be honest. I like this fragrance mostly because it is Versace. Shameless, I know, but what can I say. Yellow Diamond is a brand new luxury fragrance, and the first new release for females since Versus in 2010. It is a floral but has quite a bit of citrus which I think gives it a nice balance. It is zesty and energetic, and the dry down of feminine wood notes adds warmth.

On sale March 25 from Versace stores and department stores.

Face & Body

Veet – High Precision Facial Wax

Ahhhh, facial waxing. The bane of my existence. You see, I do like to use a few skincare products that may cause a bit of skin sensitivity, and every person I go to about waxing my brows or lips always turns me away because they are scared to rip off half my skin. Fair enough, I have done it to myself a few times so I know it is bad. When I saw this little baby from Veet I was so excited. The new wax product is designed for super-duper mega sensitive skin (it doesn’t even contain dye or colouring!) and it comes in a easy to use dispenser. Thank the lord, I can now de-fuzz my face!

On sale now from supermarkets and pharmacies.

What do you think of my top picks of the new releases this month? Have you tried any already? Let me know by commenting below!

Fabulous creative for the Shop MAC collection


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