Ok so there is some news! My nose does look gorgeous……if i do say so myself. Dr Hunt said that i am no where near as swollen as he thought i would be but i still have quite a bit to come down. For me, most of the swelling is in the tip and this will take a little while to show the final product.

Now if you have been following this blog, you will know i also had some little lumps removed from my eye areas and one on my neck. I have had doctors check them over and over but i was told there is nothing to worry about. I was always told those sort of things could be frozen off but because they were so close to my eyes, no one would do it.

To make this clear, i had those 4 lumps removed purely because i didn’t like the look of them, but when you have any spot or lump removed, a good doctor will send it off to pathology just to make sure it really is nothing.

Today when i had my splint taken off and FINALLY got to see my new nose, i also received the Pathology results back. As it turns out, the lump under my right eye was Basal Cell Carcinoma. For those not doing a medical degree, it is a type of skin cancer.

While Basal Cell Carcinoma is a slow growing, rather subtle form of skin cancer, it is highly rare to have it at my age. This is what i have been told. However, if your reading this and you do know about Basal Cell Carcinoma’s, i would be interested in some more details.

The pathology results said that this particular lump, that started in my pre-teen’s, grew very very slowly (with a new lump appearing every few years) is the only one that is Carcinoma, and it has been fully removed.

I am told i am in the clear and do not require any further treatment, but i must stay on the lookout for any that appear.

Another thing i should make clear is that this particular skin cancer is not related to the sun. I think that is an easy given as i am white as all hell and avoid the sun like a plague.

Lastly, i would just like to say that if i didn’t have the nose job, i would never have known this. My doctors and specialists never looked into it and i don’t really blame them, this lump was in no way a ‘cancer’ looking lump. It was skin colour and stayed round, so for them, i guess that was enough to say its nothing.

If you have any questions i would be happy to answer them.

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