I picked up this deodorant during one of my crazy hauls. I loved the look of the CLEAN products when I saw them in Sephora but I had never tried any. Seeing as though I am always on the look out for new and different things, I thought this deodorant was worth a try because it has no animal ingredients, no sulfates, no aluminum and it has time-released fragrance to keep you feeling fresh all day. That is a lot of promises for one deodorant so how did it perform? Read on to find out. 

My Review

  • I love the simple, clean packaging. A hard white plastic cylinder with a chrome twist on/off cap and a winding base that moves the deodorant solid up/down. The touch of pink on the labelling is the reason I chose the Original scent over their other deodorant, Warm Cotton, which had blue instead.
  • The deodorant solid is dome shaped and at first glance I found it a little off-outting because it has a “dirty” look. It is a rather creamy solid and appears to have an off-white colour, but then in certain parts you can see more of a yellow or brown tone. It looks like something I would expect Lush to make so it didn’t put me off using it.
  • I have never really used solids as deodorant so I am not used to the texture, but this deodorant seemed to apply smoothly enough. It does break off a few little bits here and there and I found on extremely hot days the product would “crumb” off my skin before the day was out.
  • A mild scent can be noticed as soon as you remove the lid but it is more noticeable one you have applied the deodorant. That scent does remain for quite a few hours but I found once I or the weather heated up the scent either changed or it mixed with my own body odour and the scent left behind was very unpleasant in my opinion. No one ever commented that I smelt bad, and trust me my parents would have said something, but it was an odour I noticed and I really didn’t like it. The reason I am not sure if it was my own body odour or not is because it didn’t smell anything like the odour I would have if I hadn’t worn deodorant at all. This leads me to believe it has either altered the scent of the deodorant or the fragrance of the deodorant alters in different temperatures.
  • The deodorant claims to help absorb moisture and wetness (is that even a word?) naturally but I found it didn’t take much for me to produce a noticeable sweat with this deodorant. It was less sweat than if I hadn’t used a deodorant at all but personally, I like my deodorants to keep me dry. I am yet to find an aluminum-free deodorant that can actually keep you dry.
  • After 4 weeks of use I found my underarm skin was a lot softer than it is usually. The deodorant doesn’t say anything about softening the skin so perhaps this was just a happy side-effect for me. I had changed nothing else during that time so it was definitely the deodorant.
CLEAN Original Moisture-Absorbent Deodorant

CLEAN Original Moisture-Absorbent Deodorant

What CLEAN say ….

CLEAN Original Moisture-Absorbent Deodorant is a breakthrough formula that goes above and beyond typical deodorant performance. Exclusive Cotton Vantage™ technology helps to absorb moisture naturally, without aluminum. Time-released CLEAN fragrance leaves you lightly scented and feeling fresh all day long. Everything you need and nothing you don’t!

Clinical Results: In an antiperspirant grade, sweat collection test, CLEAN Deodorant reduced wetness 18-22% over 6 hours. Most aluminum-based antiperspirants reduce 30-35%. So even without aluminum, CLEAN deodorant reduces almost as much wetness.

Animal Cruelty Policy: CLEAN claim to not use animal-dreived ingredients and do not test on animals. Their full health policy can be found here.

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Australia – Unavailable at this time

USA $18 from Sephora, Beauty.com, Beauty Bridge, Zappos and Dillard’s

UK – Unavailable at this time

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