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Fluid retention. Those are two words I know all too well. For someone who is usually classed by medical folk as dehydrated, it is amazing how much fluid I retain. So after my first weigh-in after using the HYPOXI L250, and we noticed the results were not looking good, it was suggested I consider using their HypoxiDermology (HDC) machine which, among other things, helps to fight the water retention.

The HypoxiDermology treatment is used prior to a session on the L250 or other HYPOXI machines, and some of the benefits include accelerating the results of other HYPOXI treatments, detoxing toxins in the body, improved skin texture and reduction in cellulite. Prior to starting HYPOXI I didn’t care too much about my cellulite because until I got rid of the fat I had no plans to get in a swimsuit, BUT I was aware of how poor my skin texture was. After 13 sessions of HDC (used prior to the L250) I am ready to share my findings and review of the HDC. 

My Review

When I first heard about HDC it sounded extremely complicated. I would have to lie in a weird scuba-type suit with some cords connected to the front, it would pump air in, suck air out and somehow improve the texture of my skin? CONFUSED! When I started reading into the mechanics of the machine I developed a much clearer understanding. To put it simply, I liken it to lymphatic drainage massage. It is something I have experienced before with the Med Contour and other non-invasive procedures, but they have been uncomfortable in different ways and I hadn’t found one that gave results AND excluded off-putting quirks.

HDC uses the premise behind Cupping, which is said to release stresses in the body. Cupping has always scared me because I have seen the bruising people have been left with afterwards, but they always swear by the treatment. I was told the strength of pressure the HDC uses is no where near the same pressure as those who practice the ancient manual technique of Cupping, so I was happy to give it a try. I was warned prior to starting the treatment that you are still left with little circle imprints on your body that can last for an hour or so after a session.

The marks left on my legs immediately after a HDC treatment

The marks left on my legs immediately after a HDC treatment

The HDC suit is made out of neoprene (wetsuit fabric) but you can see and feel the large panels inside the suit that look similar to bubble wrap …. but a high-tech version of bubble wrap. Getting into the suit requires a bit of coordination and the HYPOXI staffer does most of the work, but once you do it a couple of times you are used to it. The suit is one-size fits all but being the 155cm mini-me that I am, I found the suit came up quite high around my neck. The air is sucked out of the suit before the treatment commences so it does shrink to fit your body quite snuggly, but being a shorty I just found that one area around my neck a tad uncomfortable. If you are taller than 155cm I doubt you would even notice it.

Strapped in to the HDC suit

Strapped in to the HDC suit

Once you are secured in the suit and lying down on the machine base, some tubes are connected to the front of your body and legs. They suck all the air out of the suit and then the machine commences the treatment. Little bursts of air are blown in by some of the tubes and you can feel the air bubbling as it runs through the “bubble wrap” (I am just going to call it that). The best way I can describe the feeling is like light tapping of your fingers over your skin, moving up your body, then the air is sucked out and the process repeats. Each session runs 20 to 30 minutes and the levels are personalised for each person that uses it.

My first treatment I found a little weird. I couldn’t quite relax because I was focusing on the feeling of the machine but every subsequent session was hardly noticable. On occasion a session would feel like the suit was tighter than usual, or the pressure of the “bubble wrap” was more intense, but my settings were the same for every session so it really is just the mind playing tricks depending on your irritability that day. You could use the time in the machine to read a magazine, play on your phone, watch TV or as I chose to do, sleep. It really is a non-invasive treatment I could literally sleep through.

As for the results, after 5 sessions I already noticed the cellulite on my thighs had halved (at least!) but by the end of the 13 sessions I had to actually search to find some cellulite. The texture of the skin on my legs also looks much better and the saggy-ness I usually saw around my bottom has reduced.

While this machine isn’t a weight loss or fitness machine in itself, I do strongly believe it has benefits to assist people in those efforts. I have always believed lymphatic drainage is vital for women, even if you don’t have water retention problems, because these days the human body loves to hold on to nasty toxins and no amount of juice-detox can get it all out.

All in all, I do believe this treatment not only worked but had great results for me. I will consider redoing a few more sessions if I am unable to maintain the newly improved texture of my skin, and realistically we age every single day so eventually the skin will need another helping hand.

Trying my best to look pretty during my HDC session

Trying my best to look pretty during my HDC session

What Hypoxi say ….

Cupping is an ancient application of Chinese medicine which has been used since at least the 4th century to combat the stresses of daily life on the body. Acknowledging its benefits, HYPOXI adopted the technique and developed it into a contemporary and sophisticated treatment.

The central feature of the HDC is the complex network of 400 integrated pressure chambers located around the stomach, hip, buttock and thigh region. The HDC chambers act in a similar way to manual cupping, however in its refined state has a number of advantages :

  • The highly effective design of the HDC means there no need for direct skin contact. This results in a holistic, non-invasive treatment that simulates a deep tissue massage;
  • The operation of the HDC chambers during the 20 minute program results in a greater surface area of skin being treated for up to 100 times longer than with traditional manual cupping; and
  • The operation of alternating high and low pressure chambers acts as the perfect pre-curser treatment to other HYPOXI training devices to accelerate cellulite reduction and targeted fat loss in even the most stubborn cases.

Used on its own, the HDC can improve the skin’s tone and texture. However, the real beauty of the HDC is when it is combined with HYPOXI’s other training devices. Undertaking the HDC prior to either a L250, S120 or Vacunaut session will see you accelerate your results and drastically reduce the appearance of even the most severe cellulite.

Stockist Details

Australia $69 per session or $690 for a course of 12 from Hypoxi Australia

USA – Pricing unknown. Available from Hypoxi USA

UK – Pricing unknown. Available from Hypoxi UK

Have you experienced Cupping or lymphatic drainage massage previously? Do you have problems with water retention? Let me know by commenting below!


Imprints on the skin from the HDC

Imprints on the skin from the HDC

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