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Last month I started a course of HYPOXI to help me lose some weight and tone up the fat. I introduced you to the L250 Fitness Trainer and since that time I have undergone two weigh-ins and commenced treatment on another machine, the HDC. I am only a few sessions away from finishing up but before I do I wanted to give you a midway rundown of my progress. It has had ups and downs, twists and turns, and nothing went as planned.

If you didn’t catch my Vegan blog post I do recommend reading it because I tell you how HYPOXI played a huge role in getting my health and body into shape. Ok, it isn’t completely in shape yet but if it wasn’t for HYPOXI I probably never would have realised just how bad I was. So let me continue from where I left off in my previous HYPOXI post

Weigh-in #1

My last post was written prior to my first weigh-in so I was unable to tell you if I had actually lost anything or not. Now of course, we all have to keep in mind that I have had a massive diet change at the same time as starting HYPOXI, so I believe any results I do have (good or bad) will be in conjunction with one another. Remember, I hadn’t exercised since 2006 prior to starting HYPOXI and all I ate was sugar/dairy so I thought the fact I was even getting up to go to the session would probably make me lose some weight.

The first weigh-in takes place just before you commence your 6th session. In my case, I had just come from an event where we  had a three-course meal so I was beyond stuffed. I knew I was bloating but I was praying it wouldn’t effect my results. I just wanted to have lost one kg or a few centimetres somewhere.

Unfortunately the results were bad. I actually put on weight, and my measurements were larger for the waist, stomach and hips. I had a slight loss around my bottom and legs, but remained the same on relaxed leg, contracted leg and knee. In my eyes it was a big fat fail and I felt like crap. Tarryn, one of the lovely assistants who I see during training and the poor sod who had to take my measurements, looked a little worried. I told her I was really bloated but in the end I had to confess that I probably just wasn’t working very hard or something. Tarryn asked about my diet and how my body usually responds to exercise, and then she came up with a plan of action to see why I hadn’t lost anything because it is extremely rare for a client to have the result I did. That is typical for me though, I am always the odd case.

It was decided that I would need to keep a food diary and she recommended I commence using their other machine, the HTC, prior to my L250 session (review coming on that one soon). I was feeling disheartened but I wasn’t going to quit because even though the measurements didn’t say what I wanted them to I knew I still felt better than ever before. I had a few pieces of clothing that I couldn’t do up prior to HYPOXI and I could after those 5 sessions so I felt it was going to work eventually, I just had to keep going.

Weigh-in #2

During my 10th session Tarryn and I were discussing how things were going, reading over my food diary, and I felt the HDC was helping (review coming soon) but I felt like I was going to need more than just 2 more sessions to get the result I wanted. In the end we decided I would do 6 more sessions on top of the usual 12. Tarryn explained that majority of people get the results they want within 12 sessions but some bodies take longer to react to change and that is why they have the flexibility to add on more sessions. I felt relieved that I wasn’t a freak of nature so I locked in another 6, taking the total of sessions up to 18. It sounded like a lot on paper but the sessions flew by. At the 12th session I asked for another weigh-in because I felt like there had been a change and I was hoping some results would give me some motivation for the final 6.

The second time around wasn’t as bad, but again, it wasn’t as I had hoped. I had a loss in 8 out of the 9 measurements. I was happy but I felt like the fact I put on weight before the first weigh-in made it seem like I was just back to where I started. On closer inspection of my weigh-in results I was only back to where I started in some sections, and I should have been happier with my result, but I wasn’t. The reason? I felt so much thinner so why is the tape measure arguing with me!

How can someone feel so much thinner, have clothes fit better, and have a mirror image look slightly smaller yet have all the measurements say nothing has changed? I felt like my body had betrayed me when my head had convinced me of something else. The session after the second weigh-in was a bad one for me. I felt like I was just waisting time. When I got home afterwards and prepared to get in the shower I took a long hard stare at my body in the mirror (something I never do because I repulse myself). I analysed every bit of myself. I grabbed at the flab I could see but I felt there wasn’t as much to grab as usual. Just one handful as opposed to two handfuls. It was at that time I had a light bulb moment …… screw the tape measure! Sure, the tape measure says one thing and the mirror is saying another, but either way, my headspace is the best it has been in a long time. Even if those 12 sessions were “wasted” according to the tape measure, it wasn’t a waste for me at all. I was going to continue my final 6 sessions proudly and know that the tape measure and I don’t get along, but my clothes tell a different story and right now they are fitting so much better.

My measurement results so far

My measurement results so far

What’s Next

Soon I will share my review of the HDC, which is another machine HYPOXI use. It is an interesting one so tune in.

Next week is my final few sessions so after that I will share my final results, and I am hoping the measurements will be impressive but I am not counting on it.

Stockist Details

Australia $69 per session or $690 for a course of 12 from Hypoxi Australia

USA – Pricing unknown. Available from Hypoxi USA

UK – Pricing unknown. Available from Hypoxi UK

Have you ever had disheartening results when trying to achieve something? Is weight loss a concern for you? Let me know by commenting below! 

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