Seeing as though I haven’t been able to afford my beloved Bio Sculpture Gel nails in a while, my nails have decided to return to their bad behaviour. Flaking, Chipping and tearing are all back in my life with a vengeance.

I have always had pretty crappy nails in regards to being weak and flaking, but the tearing is only something that has started over the past couple years (at the most). If you haven’t experienced nail tearing, or don’t even know what it is, than you are a very lucky person. For me, tearing usually happens about half way down my nail and begins with a tiny little slit right on the side. As I go about my daily chores the nail starts to split more and more until eventually there is a little bit sticking up that catches on everything. That is when the real pain begins.

I am not able to do my hair, I am not able to touch any knitted fabric … actually any fabric for that matter. Basically anything that has ‘strands’ is totally off limits. Why? Because my tiny little torn nail catches and starts to rip. And yes, rip is the right word. My only option is to keep a bandaid taped over my nail until it has grown to a length where I can actually cut it off. Then it takes some tricky work using a nail file, nail scissors and nail clippers to get the torn part cut off without loosing my entire fingernail. This is usually how my thumb looks ….

Say hello to my forever short and stubby thumb nail

Many nail treatments do nothing for ‘flaking’ and nail strengtheners haven’t been the most successful with my nails. Despite this, I wanted to try Orly’s Nailtrition because I have liked some of their other products.

What I Say ….

  • First thing I noticed, and loved, was the obvious pink tinge. YAY for pink!
  • As always I LOVE the handles on the Orly bottles. They are rubberised so they are easy to grip and the ergonomic shape allows my tiny hands to hold it comfortably.
  • The formula isn’t too smelly and doesn’t have that overwhelming chemical punch like most other nail strengtheners.
  • Nailtrition can be used as a base coat under regular coloured lacquers but I like wearing it alone because with a subtle (but pretty) shimmer finish. It makes my nails look shiny and healthy even though they really aren’t!
  • Drying time is quite good as well. I found it took about 1 min for touch dry and 4 minutes for completely dry.
  • After 3 weeks, my normal nails (the un-torn ones) are feeling stronger. However, all my nails haven’t seemed to grow much, if at all. The most noticeably is my thumb because it was so short but it still has only grown a few millimetres.
  • Some flaking has still occurred but it has decreased substantially.
  • I haven’t had any other tears start since beginning using this product.

So overall I like that the product looks far prettier on my nails than normal nail strengtheners. It has seemed to prevent new tears and flaking but doesn’t appear to have sped up growth as such. The two week promise Orly promises has mostly come good in my case but I still wish my crappy short nail would grow. It is the most awful feeling when your nail is actually below your skin. Eeeek!

Open sesame

What Orly Say ….

Give a little TLC to your bare nails with Orly’s latest nail care treatment, Nailtrition and you’ll notice the difference in just two weeks.

Just as you would use a hair treatment to cure split end woes, Nailtrition works to relieve severely damaged, weak and slow-growing nails by stimulating the natural, healthy growth process. Nailtrition is infused with strength-promoting collagen, bamboo extract, protein and keratin, which Orly Australia Creative Director, Fiona Hay, describes as “essential ingredients for stimulating healthier stronger nails”.

Orly Nailtrition is suitable for anyone experiencing peeling or splitting nails, or for those with weekend nails after acrylics. Suitable as a base coat under your polish, it can also be worn alone as it dries to a deep pink shimmer.


Bottle size is 18 mL / .6 Oz

AU $19.95 from pharmacies and selected salons.

US $15.o0 from Orly, Ulta and Sally Beauty

UK – Orly is stocked on Beauty Bay however they do not seem to have this exact product at the moment.

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