Some would argue that a topcoat is more important than the formula of the nail polish colour
you choose to adorn. I am right on the fence with this one. I guess I don’t really believe that one topcoat can be so good that even the crappiest, flakiest nail polish wouldn’t succumb to chipping. Despite my beliefs, I am always on the hunt for the ‘perfect’ topcoat. After having such success with the Orly Bonder basecoat, I wondered if Orly could wow me again.

According to Orly, Polishield is a wonder 3-in-1 product. It boasts the capabilities of being quick drying, long lasting, resistant to fading, resistant to shattering and leaving a high-gloss finish. I was bad at maths but wouldn’t that make it a 5-in-1?

What I Say ….

The formula is definitely quick drying, so that is a big tick. The gloss factor is a little bit of a downer for me. It does make my chosen nail colour look glossier than without a top coat, but I still want more, more I say! Ok, maybe I am a high-shine addict. It is quite glossy. Despite my best efforts I couldn’t capture any before & after photos that showed a difference in gloss. I am just not that good of a photographer.

I did my best to test the fading and shatter promises, but that is actually harder than you think. I tested this topcoat with a few different polish colours and even different brands, and in every instance there were different results. This is where I strongly believe that the nail polish itself has a lot to do with how long it will last. Suffice to say, the minimum I got out of a colour before it chipped was 3 days, and none of them faded.

As always, I love the contoured, rubber handle of the brush. The one and only thing that really bothered me about this topcoat is the smell. The chemical-alcohol-lacquer smell is quite strong, and it does take quite some time to go away. In most instances it took about 30 minutes before I stopped noticing it.

Overall this topcoat is good and I do continue to use it, but it just didn’t wow me like Bonder did.

What Orly Say ….

Orly Polishield contains an advanced polymer technology that works with the nail colour to create a powerful single layer of high shine, shatterproof colour.


AU $19.95 from Orly online, Terry White Chemists and selected pharmacies nationally.

US $10 from Orly online, Ulta and Sally Beauty

UK £10.40 from BeautyBay

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