Yesterday I revealed an exciting announcement, that I would be one of the 5 Australian Bloggers competing for a chance to have their own Revlon Nail Polish colour collection produced. The project is called Revlon Inspires and so far I have only shown you a couple of photos of the three colours I have selected, Dreamer, Elegant and Bewitching. Now it is time to show you the swatches! 

Dreamer Swatches

Dreamer is a bright sky blue cream.

Dreamer swatched in soft natural light

Dreamer swatched in shaded sunlight

Dreamer swatched in direct sunlight

Elegant Swatches

Elegant is a soft nude cream.

Elegant swatched in soft light

Elegant swatched in shaded sunlight

Elegant swatched in direct sunlight

Bewitching Swatches

Bewitching is a vibrant pink-red cream.

Bewitching swatched in soft light

Bewitching swatched in shaded sunlight

Bewitching swatched in direct sunlight

Now remember, you need to show me and Revlon how these colours inspire you, how you would wear the polishes and the colours. Here is how to do it:

Ways To Share Your Inspiration

There are lots of ways to share with me your inspiration and doing so will help me to complete my next task in this competition (more details on that soon). So please, do as many as you can so we can create something amazing!

Twitter: Tweet me photos, videos or anything else that illustrates how my colour collection inspires you. You must include @PlasticDiaries (so I can see the tweet!) and #RevlonInspires#TPD.

Instagram: Show me photos that illustrates how my colour collection inspires you. You must include @PlasticDiaries (so I can see your entry!) and #RevlonInspires#TPD.

Facebook: Leave a post (photos, videos or anything else) that illustrates how my colour collection inspires you on The Plastic Diaries Facebook Page.

Pinterest: Create a board or simply post individual photos that illustrates how my colour collection inspires you. You must tag me Kimmi @ The Plastic Diaries (so I can see the picture!) and #RevlonInspires#TPD.

See the swatches, help me create a mood board and find out the inspiration behind the collection.

What do you think of my Revlon Inspires collection? Would you wear any of them? Do you have a favourite? Let me know by commenting below!

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