I have to start this post by telling you how utterly nervous I am. Today I am sharing with you some news about a Revlon competition I am participating in and it is the most terrifying thing I have ever done. It involves me, Revlon, 4 other amazing Australian blogs, a hell of a lot of nail polish and all of you lovely readers. Here is the story so far. 

Revlon Inspires …

Not so long ago Revlon approached me about an exciting project they were working on called Revlon Inspires. They are going to give 5 Australian bloggers a chance to produce their own Nail Polish Colour Collection but it will be up to the public to decide who wins. I was ecstatic they asked me to be apart of it. Over the moon. I ran around the house jumping for joy and squeeling like a 12 yr old girl who just got a hug from Justin Bieber …

Then it dawned on me …. this was going to be a popularity contest. I suck at popularity contests. I was always the last to get picked for any team at school. I was bullied my entire childhood. And my best friend was my dressing table (in which I hid all my beauty supplies, of course!) until I was 14.

There was no Lady Gaga in my day to tell me I wasn't a loser

Despite my natural pessimistic outlook, I decided to accept the challenge and participate in Revlon Inspires for one reason …. this is my chance to bring to life my vision of The Plastic Diaries and inspire others. This is a beauty journey I can embark on with you, my readers friends, because despite how unpopular I may have been or still am, I write this blog because so many of you make me feel that my beauty obsession is normal and sane. You inspire me to get up everyday and try create a life for myself that makes me happy. I want to do that for you too.

The Competition

How the competition works is I will reveal the 3 nail polish colours I have chosen to be my “collection”. I had 12 colours to choose from, at which time Revlon do not have plans to release all of them. If I win the competition, the 3 nail polishes I picked will be packaged up and sold as The Plastic Diaries collection. I will also get a bunch of the kits to giveaway to you lovely people. I will make no money from the sales of the nail polish, and all revenue remains with Revlon, but it isn’t about money for me. It is about creating something for us to enjoy. And who doesn’t enjoy nail polish?!?!?!

After I show you my 3 nail colours, I want you to tell me if and how they inspire you. I will have lots of posts coming up about how they inspire me, but this is something I really want us to do together. I will give you all the insturctions on how to do this after the big reveal. Are you ready?

The Plastic Diaries Nail Polish Collection

L-R: Dreamer, Elegant and Bewitching

I will tell you about my inspiration for choosing these colours AND include a bunch of swatches in my next post, but for now, just looking at this picture, I want you to tell or show me how this inspires you. Here is how I want you to do it ….

Ways To Share Your Inspiration

There are lots of ways to share with me your inspiration and doing so will help me to complete my next task in this competition (more details on that soon). So please, do as many as you can so we can create something amazing!

Twitter: Tweet me photos, videos or anything else that illustrates how my colour collection inspires you. You must include @PlasticDiaries (so I can see the tweet!) and #RevlonInspires + #TPD.

Instagram: Show me photos that illustrates how my colour collection inspires you. You must include @PlasticDiaries (so I can see your entry!) and #RevlonInspires#TPD.

Facebook: Leave a post (photos, videos or anything else) that illustrates how my colour collection inspires you on The Plastic Diaries Facebook Page.

Pinterest: Create a board or simply post individual photos that illustrates how my colour collection inspires you. You must tag me Kimmi @ The Plastic Diaries (so I can see the picture!) and #RevlonInspires#TPD.

L-R: Dreamer, Elegant and Bewitching

I want to see you think outside the box. Use your Tumblr, YouTube, Polyvore, or anything else to bring these colours to life. We all have until NEXT MONDAY, 27 August 2012, to create some inspiring content. I hope you will join me in the fun and games (and for those that do, there may be a little reward in it for you!).

See the swatches, help me create a mood board and find out the inspiration behind the collection.

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