Regular nail polish coated acrylics seem to be a thing of the past these days. The ever expanding business of nail stylists, nail innovators and nail art blogs & bloggers, has inspired women all over the world to get creative with their digits. It was not too long ago that the only way to get intricate nail art on our own fingers was to seek out a delightful oriental nail spa in Chinatown where ladies with brilliant eyesight drew designs freehand. Now, things are becoming far more mainstream.

Some very exciting news came our way over the weekend. Worldwide beauty powerhouse, Sephora, have taken notice of this increasing beauty trend and decide to embrace it like a Jewish mother embraces a gay son (ok I am assuming that one, but I know I would like to have a gay son!). They have recruited British nail extraordinaire, Sophy Robson, to curate a massive collection of DIY nail art.

One of the many Nail Art creations new from Sephora

About The Collection

There are just over 65 designs in this initial collection and more to be released soon. The degree of difficulty is ranked so shoppers can pick a style to match their skill level, Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced. The beginner designs are almost as basic as applying Sephora by OPI Chic Prints (this product is the same as OPI Nail Apps but are exclusive designs for Sephora).

Sephora by OPI Chic Prints

The Intermediate and Advanced tutorials incorporate a mix of products from Sephora’s newly expanded nail products range. You can watch the how to videos on Sephora’s YouTube Channel or read step-by-step instructions in their Facebook album.

The new products look extremely impressive and I am already lusting after the  Nail Stencils (US $5), Nail Embellishment Stickers (US $5) and Hello Kitty Liquid Nail Art (US $10). They have even released Sephora Collection Nail Patch Art (US $12), which look extremely similar to Manicare glamnails and Sally Hansen Salon Effects. Oh and of course they have their own Sephora by OPI shatter, sorry Blasted, 8-piece collection (US $9.50)

Sephora by OPI Nail Stencils (moon mani’s here I come!)

Sephora’s New In-Store Nail Bars

Last Friday the biggest news of all hit our inbox …. Sephora is opening in-store nail bars, The Sephora Nail Studio Art + Lacquer Services featuring XpresSpa.

On July 25 the first two nail bars will open for business, but which two cities are getting this honor? New York and San Francisco. Sephora at 5 Times Square Manhattan is an obvious choice, but Sephora at Powell Street San Francisco was not one I would have picked. Luckily there will be more (an unknown amount at this stage) Sephora stores in New York and California to receive this addition before years end.

Sharon Rothstein, senior vice president of marketing for Sephora, told

“Sephora by OPI, Illamasqua, Dior, Nars, Nails Inc. London, Perfect Formula and Sephora Collection products will be used for services in the studios. ”

“Our goal is to continue to differentiate and elevate the overall experience at Sephora by being game changers…”


Digital mock-up of the new Sephora Nail Bars

What do you think about these new offering from Sephora? Does the nail art take your fancy? Would you get your nails done at Sephora? Let me know by commenting below!


Image source and Sephora

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