I have done a fair few posts about Laser and IPL hair removal in the past, but it has been quite sometime since I had actually had a treatment so I thought I should take another go at it and see how the treatment has changed. I had heard about The Laser Lounge quite a bit recently and knew them from being one of the fine clinics that offer DMK (yes, my beloved skincare). I figured if they are good enough to use DMK, than they are good enough to wield a laser over my armpits.

Armpits are the one area I like to get treated most because I find they are so sensitive to all other forms of hair removal. My goal is to get that area as hair free as possible, so naturally I picked that area for this review. I decided on visiting The Laser Lounge in Sydney CBD, but they have a few locations which you will find listed at the end of this post. Now for the good part …

My Review

  • I was instantly taken back by how attractive the clinic was. Most laser hair reduction places I have been to are very bland and unwelcoming. This clinic had bright modern furniture, fresh flowers and not a sign of dust or dirt. The staff were just as welcoming, greeting me with a big smile and cheery voice. That is the kind of service I like when I am going for any sort of beauty treatment.
  • As usual with these sorts of treatments, I filled in a consultation form so the skin therapist would know everything she needed to.
  • I was taken to a treatment room which was again very clean and bright. My therapist, Bita, explained everything about my treatment before starting. They even had a printed-off slideshow with clear, easy to understand images. Even though I knew most of the information, it was great to hear it all again and I was extremely impressed that they even do that. Again, most places I have been rather just get you in, zap, and get you out.
  • Once the education was done, I laid back and prepared for the pain I had known before. Thing is, I barely felt anything. I jumped a few times but it wasn’t anywhere near as bad as IPL. It actually felt really cold rather than really hot, which is the better option in my opinion.
  • Each underarm took no more than 2 minutes. It probably would have taken less time if I had stopped jumping but I am just not good with sitting still.
  • After the treatment Bita sprayed a cooling mist over my skin which smelt lovely! Seeing as though I couldn’t apply deodorant straight away I was happy that the cooling mist had its own fragrance. I was able to go about my day without having to worry about B.O, and it was a very hot day!
  • I was given a sheet of post care information which Bita went over with me. You could tell she was extremely knowledgeable and I was again impressed that she took so much time to explain things to me.

Overall my treatment was fabulous. I will be going back there for many more treatments and I couldn’t recommend them enough.


Laser Treatment on Underarms cost $50 per session.

The Laser Lounge can be found in Sydney CBD, Castle Hill and Brisbane. For more information visit their website or phone 1300 963 962.


This is a sponsored post and compensation was provided, in accordance with our Disclosure Policy. All opinions and thoughts expressed in this post are my own and remain 100% uninfluenced.

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