Tampax Pearl Super 18 pack

Women’s business is never a fun topic but I think it is an important one we shouldn’t shy away from. Just like all beauty categories, feminine hygiene is one that sees new developments discovered and new products released. Most of the time we will just wander down the personal care aisle at the supermarket, pick out the brand we know and trust, and use that until menopause comes knocking but there actually might be something out there that can provide you a more comfortable experience. I try to change things up once in a while and it has always worked in my favour. I figured I would show you some of the new feminine care products available and maybe next time you visit the supermarket you will find yourself trying something new. 

Tampax Pearl

I find most women are either pro- or anti- applicator tampons. In my research talking to women it usually stems from which type they learnt to use and I admit applicator tampons freaked me out when I first saw them in primary school, but they have come a really long way since those days. The new Tampax Pearl is unique in many ways but the biggest difference to other applicator tampons is that it has a plastic applicator, making insertion the most comfortable yet.

Other innovations unique to the Pearl tampons are width-wise expansion, a LeakGuard Braid to help stop leaks, and more stylish & functional packaging. Available in Regular and Super.

Australia from $7.49 at supermarkets and pharmacies

USA from $5.29 at Drugstore.com, Target, and Walgreens.

UK from £2.99 at Boots

Tampax Pearl Regular 20 pack


You probably know Ansell for their range of condoms and lubricants but now they are entering a new market with their latest range of feminine hygiene products. Amele was created after Ansell did extensive surveying of the Australian public and found that women are using products that aren’t suitable for personal hygiene and it is leaving them susceptible to uncomfortable side effects. The Amele range has been formulated to maintain the natural pH balance of a woman’s intimate area, by using both gentle and natural ingredients such as chamomile and meadow foam which are comforting to sensitive skin. The products are also paraben free, dermatologically and gynaecologically tested, and safe to use with shaving.

The full range includes Smooth Intimate Shave, Intimate After Shave Soother, Hair Helper, Intimate Skin Moisturiser, Intimate Wash and Freshen-Up Wipes.

Australia – Available from Woolworths, selected pharmacies and independent grocers.

USA & UK – Unavailable at this time.

Amele Intimate Feminine Products

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