Clearasil PerfectaWash FruitSplash Face Cleanser

I would never think that an automated dispenser of face cleanser would make an impact on my life, but the Clearasil PerfectaWash automatic system has done just that. Despite my love for looking after my skin, I am still lazy and don’t like my daily routine to be more complicated than it needs to be. Having a spout and sensor automatically dish up the exact amount of face wash I need to cleanse my face makes that twice daily task just a little bit simpler.

But what about the product performance? It is no good having a funky machine if the product is no good. After months of testing I am ready to share my thoughts in this review. 

My Review

  • The Clearasil PerfectaWash Kit contains a sleek white and silver automatic dispenser and 1 refill of the PerfectaWash face cleanser. The kit I trialled contained the Super Fruits face wash for normal skin but it is also available with the Soothing formula for blemish prone skin.
  • The actual dispenser is lightweight without the refill attached, but once the refill is inserted it feels steady and weighted. It has a compartment at the base that holds batteries, which already come fitted when you purchase (you just remove a pull tag to activate). Beneath the long spout is a sensor which detects your hand movements to automatically dispense one pump of face cleanser. There is an on/off switch at the back of the unit should you wish to turn it off, say if you were going away or not going to use it for an extended period.
  • Packaged separately is the face cleanser refill, which is easily inserted into the top of the dispenser and locks in tightly. The units fit perfectly together. I think it looks nice placed on a bathroom countertop or in the shower (where I keep mine) and doesn’t look like a cheap plastic toy which was my main concern when I first saw it.
  • The Super Fruits face cleanser is bright pink in colour and has a delicious fruity scent, predominately of berries.
  • One pump of the face cleanser is all you need to do your entire face and neck. The formula is a runny gel consistency so it spreads easily and foams nicely but not too much. You can feel that you have sufficiently spread the cleanser everywhere you need to, and when you wash it off your skin feels clean but hydrated.
  • The cleanser removes makeup well but if you wear heavy makeup I always recommend double cleansing, although with this cleanser I felt like I didn’t have to.
  • After a couple of months of use my blackheads have been non-existant and I have had no breakouts even during this sweaty Australian summer. My dry itchy patches haven’t flared up and my t-zone is less oily than usual. It didn’t remove or lessen my pigmentation or surface sunspots but I wouldn’t expect it to without some stronger enzymes or acids.
Clearasil PerfectaWash Automatic Dispenser

Clearasil PerfectaWash Automatic Dispenser

This is a great cleanser and I would recommend it for young skin, unproblematic and/or normal skin types, and those who are looking to maintain healthy skin rather than fix problematic skin. I haven’t tried the Soothing face cleanser available for the PerfectaWash but if you do have blemish prone skin I would recommend using that one over the Super Fruits.

I would also highly recommend this for anyone who likes to just stick their hand out and be issued the exact amount of face cleanser they need. It really is a game changer and it has done away with the frustration I feel with trying to work out how much face cleanser I need to dispense.

Clearasil PerfectaWash Automatic Dispenser

Clearasil PerfectaWash Automatic Dispenser

What Clearasil say ….

Clearasil Perfecta Wash is the first product to successfully dispense the exact amount of Clearasil formula that will prevent wastage and over-dosing, yet provide enough to keep skin look radiant and spot free. Perfecta Wash is available in two unique formulas, suitable for all skin types. The Super Fruit Extract formula contains raspberry and cranberry extracts for their antioxidant qualities that keep skin fresh and glowing. The Soothing Plant Extract formula has active blemish fighting ingredients for clear skin and skin soothing ingredients to make it effective as a daily cleanser.

Animal Cruelty Policy: According to, Clearasil do test their products on animals.

Stockist Details

Australia $19.99 (pack) and $11.99 (refill) from supermarkets and pharmacies

USA $19.99 (pack) and $8.99 (refill) from Walgreens and

UK £4 (pack) and £2 (refill) from Boots

What do you think of an automated face wash dispenser? Would you try this product or have you already? Let me know by commenting below!

Clearasil PerfectaWash Auto Dispenser with Super Fruit Extract Face Cleanser

Clearasil PerfectaWash Auto Dispenser with Super Fruit Extract Face Cleanser

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