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FACE LIFT. Have you thought about those words a little (or a lot) of recent? When our skin, eyes and mouth start to head south it is common to believe the only way to see a change would be with a face lift. While I do believe plastic surgery has a very important role to play, I also believe there are other things one can do before looking at the most extreme options. One treatment you probably haven’t thought about is ‘Cosmetic Acupuncture’. I most definitely wouldn’t have thought about it until recently because I didn’t even know such a thing existed, but with the popularity of chinese medicine becoming more popular in western cultures I think this could be the next big thing in facials.

To learn a bit more about what exactly cosmetic acupuncture is and what you could expect from it, I have asked Dr Andrea Galgoczi-Kratochvil, a Chinese medicine specialist and expert in cosmetic acupuncture, a few questions.

What are the key differences between cosmetic acupuncture and invasive options? 

Cosmetic acupuncture is a natural facial rejuvenation program that does not alter essential facial characteristics; it increases blood supply, assists with regeneration of the epidermis and breaks up tangled collagen fibers that cause wrinkle formation. Cosmetic acupuncture is chemical free; using only very fine needles to naturally relax and tone muscles by improving collagen and elastin production.

Cosmetic acupuncture is a centuries old process that was used by concubines in Ancient China to maintain their youthful appearance. Dating back to the Shui Dynasty Chinese Physicians have looked at how the flow of energy within the body can affect an individualʼs physical appearance.

Cosmetic acupuncture not only assists with the preservation of ones youthful looks, but it also improves the underlying weaknesses of the body.

Why does cosmetic acupuncture offer much more than a facial?

Chinese medicine views the body as one and relies on a holistic process to regenerate and revitalise. Hence, cosmetic acupuncture treats the whole body, promoting better blood circulation and fluid metabolism. It also relaxes the body including the facial muscles; warranting far longer lasting results than a facial.

What are the visible results post a full course of treatment?

The outcome is a fresher, rosier and tighter image of the same face, with reduced wrinkles or wrinkle depth. Clients commonly receive comments such as ʻOh you look great!ʼ as opposed to ʻHave you had your face done?ʼ The long lasting effects also make cosmetic acupuncture an affordable option to achieve skin that appears revived and restored.

What are the common side effects of the treatment?

Cosmetic acupuncture does not require recovery downtime. Though occasional slight bruising may occur, the treatments have no side effects. Following a treatment one usually feels more relaxed and energised, also, will most likely sleep better.

What are the common mistakes that people make when seeking cosmetic acupuncture?

Cosmetic acupuncture is not a facelift and while it does not promise complete elimination of wrinkles, it does offer lasting results (1-2 years) with a healthier, younger looking facial image. Changes are not immediately visible after the first treatment – depending on age and skin quality – typically around the sixth treatment noticeable changes can be seen.

Cosmetic acupuncture treatments should only be performed by nationally registered acupuncturists or Chinese medicine practitioners with specialist training in cosmetic acupuncture.

Dr Andrea Galgoczi-Kratochvil

Dr Andrea Galgoczi-Kratochvil

About Dr Andrea Galgoczi-Kratochvil

Dr Andrea Galgoczi-Kratochvil has a PhD in Economics, a Bachelor of Health Science in Chinese medicine (Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine) and a Diploma in Tuina Remedial Massage. She has also completed an extensive range of specialist training courses, including certification in cosmetic acupuncture and cosmetic topical herbs.

While spending several months of hospital internship at The First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Traditional Chinese Medicine University, in Guandong Province, China, Dr Andrea Galgoczi-Kratochvil had the opportunity to study a wide range of Cosmetic Acupuncture treatments. Here she also undertook advanced studies in gynecology under the mentorship of Dr Liao Hui Hui.

Dr Andrea Galgoczi-Kratochvil is a registered practitioner – Chinese Medicine Registration Board of Victoria (CMRB) – and a member of the Australian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association (AACMA) as well as the Australian Traditional-Medicine Society (ATMS).

Dr Andrea Galgoczi-Kratochvil founded Accent on Wellbeing, a Chinese Medicine Clinic which incorporates other complementary health practices to assist with the restoration of health and wellbeing. Using tested and proven methods and materials, Dr Andrea Galgoczi-Kratochvil offers a space for rejuvenation and provides expert knowledge.

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