The Beauty Moisture Facial Cleanser from Dove is considered to be their liquid form of their famous Beauty Bar. I have previously told you that I use the Dove Beauty Bar as a secret weapon but I had never used it on my face as I do not like to use bar soaps on my face or body, so the liquid form of this new cleanser really appealed to me. I trialled this face cleanser for just over 1 month. 

My Review

  • I really like the packaging of this cleanser, except that the lid is at the base (pet peeve!). What I do like is that the tube is really easy to squeeze, it is thin and sleek so it doesn’t take up much room in the shower (where I prefer to wash my face) and the lid is actually shaped like the Dove symbol. Small details but I like them.
  • The scent is exactly the same as the Dove Beauty Bar, so if you like the bar scent then you will feel at home with this. If you aren’t familiar with the Dove Beauty Bars, the scent is very powdery and clean, similar to baby products.
  • The formula is a creamy gel, white in colour with a shimmering opalescent finish. This doesn’t make a difference to how it works on the skin and it doesn’t leave any shimmer behind, but it just has an interesting look.
  • Once rubbed into wet skin, it foams quite quickly into a rich lather but not so much you feel like you have a face full of bubbles. It is a thick lather.
  • During use my skin feels moisturised and washing it off doesn’t leave my skin tight or dried out. It says it is for Normal to Dry Skin and I believe that it does work well for that category (which is my own). It is moisturising but not so much that I think it wouldn’t be appropriate for those with combination/oily skin. Of course, only trying it personally will tell you that.
  • I am not sure if I have always been one to swallow face wash as I cleanse my face, but I found this cleanser left a funny taste in my mouth while I was washing it off. It isn’t something I have ever noticed with any other face wash so perhaps I do always swallow face wash and this is the first one that has left a bad taste in my mouth. To be honest, I don’t know what this point adds to the review other than if you too are a face wash swallower.
  • By the end of the trial I experienced not problems or reactions with my skin. It cleansed my face well, didn’t dry me out and didn’t cause breakouts.

What Dove say ….

Dove Beauty Moisture Facial Cleanser achieves moist, smooth textured skin as it gently lathers and effectively cleanses the face whilst delivering Dove’s  famous moisturising cream to hydrate from within. The cleanser helps to lock in moisture and maintain the skins moisture balance with its gentle ph neutral formulation that is hypo-allergenic and non-comedogenic. Suitable for normal to dry skin. Cleanser is dermatologically tested.

Animal Testing Policy: According to, Dove do test on animals.

Stockist Details

AUS $7.36 from supermarkets, pharmacies and variety stores

USA $14.99 from Amazon

UK – Not available at this time


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