ECOCARE Organic Apple Honey Facial Cleansing Wipes

When I see something labelled “Organic Apple with Honey” I instantly think of breakfast foods. Oatmeal, porridge, granola, pancakes …. I think of anything excluding skincare but that is the very ingredients Ecocare use in their natural facial wipes. The labelling says they are biodegradable, hypoallergenic and fragrance free so they appealed to me, but I wasn’t sure how I would feel about using breakfast foods as a facial cleanser. Nevertheless, I put aside my hesitations and now I have a review for you. 

My Review

  • The pack contains 25 facial wipes and the packaging says they are “soft 100% natural certified organic cotton”. I found the wipes to feel soft in my hand and they were sufficiently moistened without being soaking wet but after a couple of wipes on the face I found them to feel a little more rough than I was used to. After using them a few times I didn’t find them to feel as rough and I think it was just a matter of adapting to the different texture.
  • Each wipe is 18cm by 22cm so they can cover a lot of space. Most of the time I found one wipe to be enough to remove light makeup and leave my skin feeling clean but for heavier makeup I felt like I needed to wash my face as well.
  • They do a good job with dissolving mascara and liquid eyeliner but not the greatest. I still needed to use an extra makeup remover for those areas.
  • Despite the packaging saying they are fragrance free, I could definitely smell the strong scent of oatmeal (or something like it) and a noticeable scent of Apple. I usually LOVE Apple scented things and when given a choice I will pick Apple scented over anything else, but this fragrance combination was too overwhelming for my liking. Perhaps if the notes were slightly sweeter I wouldn’t have disliked it as much. Personally it wasn’t a fragrance I enjoyed and it made using the wipes feel like a chore because of it.
  • The packaging is like most facial wipes, a plastic sleeve with a resealable sticker flap. I found my packet split at one side about half way through using it but amazingly the wipes didn’t dry out. Every other packet of wipes I have had dry out as soon as there is the slightest gap for air to get in but these didn’t. I loved that because it means half a packet didn’t become a dried-up waste.
One of the facial wipes after removing lipstick swatches.

One of the facial wipes after removing lipstick swatches.

What Ecocare say ….

– 100% Natural Certified Organic Cotton wipes
– Certified Organic ingredients
– A world first in packaging using Cardia™ Biohybrid renewable content

Our facial skin is delicate and beautiful, it must be cleaned carefully. The optimal care for such precious skin is to use only natural and organic ingredients. Our 100% Natural Certified Organic Cotton wipes feel soft against the skin. Our formulas are powerful enough to break through oil and makeup, yet gentle enough to leave the skin soft and nourished.

Animal Cruelty Policy: According to Ecocare, they do not test their products on animals however they are not listed on Australia’s Choose Cruelty Free list.

Stockist Details

Australia $7.99 for a pack of 25 wipes. Available from Ecocare, selected health food stores and selected pharmacies.

USA & UK – Unavailable at this time.

ECOCARE Organic Apple Honey Facial Cleansing Wipes

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