For a long time I’ve been learning startling things about the human body from the TV show, Embarrassing Bodies. Recently I discovered the spin-off, Embarrassing Fat Bodies, and immediately thought to myself,”hey now, isn’t this just going to be a whole show of fat shaming?”. I was wrong, it’s actually incredibly informative but it also made me realise something I hadn’t noticed previously. As I’ve discussed many times, my weight yoyo’s dramatically but something that clicked while I watched this show was that there are certain beauty issues that flare-up when I’m heavier. These are Fat Girl Beauty Problems.

All of these ailments can present in any person – age, weight, race, etc is irrelevant, but I’ve personally found they’re at their worst when I’m carrying extra flub. The emotional and health issues a girl can face from being overweight is enough to deal with. It goes without saying that losing weight is the best solution for these problems but I’m going to tell you how you can ease the burden in the meantime.

Bikini Line Ingrown Hairs

It doesn’t matter whether you call them Razor Bumps or Ingrown Hairs, they are the same nightmare. At the very least they’re ugly but at their worst they can become infected, painful, cause pimples and even leave a scar. Most of the time I will experience the lower end of that spectrum, if at all, but with extra weight the problems increased

Likely cause: Ingrown hairs/razor bumps most often occur when a growing hair curls back on itself, forcing it to reenter the skin and become trapped. With weight gain comes the problem of more skin-to-skin contact, something that’s an already common issue for the bikini line. Thighs pressing against each other further assists the growth of sharp new hairs to bend in the wrong direction.

Solution: Unfortunately the real solution for this issue if you’re experiencing more razor bumps from skin-to-skin contact is to lose weight. Luckily you can treat the hair and prevent them from getting to the severe stage of infection. Use an ingrown hair treatment to treat them as they occur.

Removing hair against the grain (with shaving and waxing) or cutting the hair too closely to the skin are the other main reasons for ingrowns/razor bumps. Using a depilatory cream to remove hair reduces the risk, and laser hair reduction can prevent them. If you have to shave, take a hot shower first to soften the hair and open the pores, and use a thick shaving gel.

Ingrown and Razor Bumps Diagram

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Extra Sweat

No one likes to look or feel sweaty. It’s only made worse when you didn’t even do any exercise or the weather isn’t warm enough to warrant the sweat. As a slim person I barely sweat but as the kilograms increase so does my amount of perspiration. The embarrassment comes when the sweat has an odour, and when it occurs in areas it didn’t previously.

Likely cause: Carrying the extra weight requires our bodies to work harder and therefore exerting more energy to do each task. Body fat acts as an insulator which will raise the body’s core temperature, making us feel hotter and requiring sweat to regulate our temperature.

Solution: Good personal hygiene is vital for preventing and getting rid of odour. Deodorant is most often applied to our armpits but when fat causes rolls you need to consider those creases as armpits as well. Apply a bit of deodorant to any crease that doesn’t let the skin breathe.

.... kind of

…. kind of


The most painful of all Fat Girl Beauty Problems has to be chafing. It’s the one that upsets me most because the physical discomfort. Unlike chafing caused by exercise and/or clothing, skin-to-skin chafing can’t be avoided and you can’t let it rest to heal enough before being active again.

Likely cause: Thighs are the most common region to experience chafing amongst overweight people. Just the simple act of a short walk each day can be enough to erupt the skin in irritation.

Solution: Prevention is paramount – Moisture increases the chances of chafing so keep the area as dry as possible. Apply a talcum, corn-starch or rice body powder to the area each day before dressing. Remove wet or sweaty clothes as soon as possible.

Should chafing occur you should treat it immediately to prevent further irritation. Gently cleanse the area and dry thoroughly, then apply a lubricant like petroleum jelly to stop friction. If it gets to the stage that the area becomes crusted or bleeding you should see a doctor about a medicated solution.

Or, you could try Thigh Slydz ….

Thigh Slidz. The answer to all your problems.

Thigh Slidz. The answer to all your problems.

Poor Posture

There is no denying that when we are fatter we have more weight to carry along on our everyday movements. It’s physically more difficult to carry that weight and it requires more effort to hold our posture in a way that supports our body. I choose to believe that Aristotle was referring to the gravitational pull on a fat body when he said heavier objects fall at a faster speed. It literally feels like gravity is stronger when you are fatter. Aside from the unflattering appearance of poor posture it’s also very bad for your general health and can cause incredible amounts of pain.

Likely cause: Ok, so it’s not because of Aristotle’s theory but it isn’t too far off. What it boils down to is that your spine is responsible for carrying and dispersing body weight as you stand and walk. If you are holding more weight than your spine is designed to it will become damaged and cause pain. Hunching/slouching is habit forming so it’s extra damaging to be overweight as a child and teenager.

Solution: Back support is key. Building your core muscles with exercise will strengthen your back and the supportive framework of the spine, and physical therapy can assist with healing damage already present. Additionally you should get support from external sources, such as an ergonomic desk chair and sleeping on the correct mattress for your body.

Overweight Child Bad Posture

Image source: The Herald

Do you have any Fat Girl Beauty Problems? Have you got a solution for one of mine? Let me know by commenting below.

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