FORMULA X The Twenty-Two Nail Polish Set

Have you ever bought a bottle of nail polish, used it once and thought, “OMG, this colour is horrific, I hate it, my life is over”? Girls. Worst. Nightmare. Sure, you could just pass it along to a friend who likes it but wouldn’t it be better if there were say …. I don’t know … a way of purchasing nail polish for one-use only? A “try before you buy …. the full-size version” option, perhaps? Sephora are hoping that’s exactly what you would want.

Last October Sephora launched Formula X, a complete line of over 200 new nail products. Their latest addition to this collection is a set of one-time-use Nail Polish Pods containing the brands 24 best selling shades. Kristin Walcott, Vice President and General Manager for Formula X for Sephora spoke to WWD about their latest innovation.

We know our guests love to experiment with new nail shades, and this allows them to preview our 24 bestselling Formula X shades before committing to a full-sized bottle,”. “Each Press Pod has a built-in brush and covers all 10 nails in two coats of Formula X. Not only are they great for experimenting with color, they’re ideal for travel because they are so small.

Walcott shared that their biggest hurdle was creating a packaging and delivery solution that prevented the product from drying out.

“And, because the pods are tiny, we paid a lot of attention to creating a specialized brush,” (sic). “You pop off the top of the pod, roll the brush between your fingers and a dot of nail polish will appear from the middle of the brush. Apply it in the center of the nail, and brush.”

While I think the idea behind this creation is quite innovative, I’m not sure it will translate to being a big seller. There is no mention of other shades being developed into a sampler however if this one does well I have no doubt Sephora will develop more. The set will retail for $39 and become available late April on and then in stores (North America only) early May.

Nail Polish Pods by Formula X for Sephora

Nail Polish Pods by Formula X for Sephora

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If you think the single-use set is absolutely ridiculous and you would rather go all in on your purchases, here are some of the Formula X products I’m lusting after.

What do you think of this one-time-use nail polish? Would you like to see another brand use offer this system? Let me know by commenting below!

Sephora have claimed – via a question on their website – that the Formula X for Sephora range of products is cruelty free. Ingredients for the products are unavailable at this time.

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