I am totally bummed out right now. I bought this deodorant on my last trip to Las Vegas at one of the outlet stores. At the time I had never heard of the Body Performance range from Estée Lauder but seeing as though I am a fan of Estée Lauder cosmetics and deodorant is one of those everyday essentials, I thought I should give it a go.

Little did I know that this item isn’t exactly easy to find. In fact, I am yet to find the spray anywhere but I have found the roll-on available in the UK. If I had known this when I bought it I would have grabbed the entire lot from the shelf.

What I Like ….

  • It has the scent of the classic Private Collection fragrance
  • The deodorant formula is highly effective and lasts all day
  • No white marks or talc residue
  • Feels soft on the skin and no itching
  • Alcohol free
  • It is the most posh deodorant I have ever seen

What I Don’t Like ….

  • I can’t bloody find it anywhere!


I bought this can for US $15 at the Las Vegas Premium Outlets but I have had no luck finding out where it was stocked or how much it cost in regular retail stores.

The Estée Lauder UK website shows that it sold for £12.00 but has been ‘sold out’ for weeks. The roll-on is available for £13.00 from Estée Lauder UK website or Boots but neither offer international shipping. LUCKILY, Harrods sell the roll-on for £13.50 and offer international shipping!!

Have you tried this product? Do you know any other places to buy it? Let me know!!

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