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Your skin is your largest organ, and also the most visible. It’s the first thing people might notice, so of course you want it looking clean, fresh and free of acne breakouts. In order to look your best on the outside, however, you have to start from the inside. You have to feed your body right. Incorporating the following five foods into your diet is an excellent way to start your path to beautiful, clear skin!

1. Spinach

With multiple health benefits and skin-clearing properties, this leafy green vegetable really packs a punch. Armed with antioxidant vitamins A and E, spinach has just the ammunition you need to fight harmful free radicals that attack your skin with signs of aging and unsightly blemishes like acne. Its secret weapon, fiber, helps regulate your digestion and cleanse your body of toxins that contribute to skin problems.

2. Almonds

These wonderful little nuts moisturize your skin to keep it soft and supple. Their anti-inflammatory properties are especially good news to acne sufferers, as acne can result from inflamed skin caused by clogged pores. A good source of protein, almonds support production of collagen, the very protein in skin that keeps it thick, elastic and healthy. They are also rich in antioxidant vitamin E, providing a great barrier between skin cells and the free radicals that seek to damage them.

3. Yogurt

Yogurt contains live bacteria that promote healthy digestion, so your body is not left with undigested harmful toxins that can wreak havoc on your skin. Healthy digestion helps proper absorption of skin-friendly nutrients. With a good dose of antioxidant vitamin A to boost, eating yogurt will put you on the path to smooth, glowing and clear skin.

4. Tuna

The omega-3 fatty acids in tuna fish make your skin stronger and less susceptible to harmful elements. In addition to being anti-inflammatory, omega-3s help prevent wrinkles so you can maintain a fresh, youthful appearance. Also found in tuna fish is the trace element selenium, which maintains skin elasticity, locks in moisture and keeps skin smooth. By ensuring proper liver function, selenium helps your body filter out harmful wastes.

5. Blueberries

These little fruits are loaded with powerful antioxidants, such as Vitamins A and C, which prevent harmful substances from damaging skin. Vitamin C also strengthens the small blood vessels beneath the skin’s surface, which prevents them from breaking and becoming visible lines on your face. The vitamins in blueberries prevent an overproduction of skin oil, which helps prevent acne, while the fiber keeps the digestive system functioning properly to weed out toxins.

Of course, for a particularly decadent snack, you can mix a few of these foods together. You can, for example, add some almonds and blueberries to your yogurt, knowing that the deliciousness you taste is keeping your skin looking healthy and radiant!

Do you believe what you eat makes a difference to your skin? Are there any foods you avoid? Let me know by commenting below!

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