Kate Sylvester Redken Hair Look

Hair Look: Messy Marilyn

Hair Director: Richard Kavanagh for Redken


For the hair look at Kate Sylvester, Redken Hair Director Richard Kavanagh wanted to relate the look back to the collection, “I wanted to tie in the lace detail from the collection into the hair with a really nonchalant braid.”

“The inspiration for this look was based on two things. First, we all got together and just had a brainstorming session for what we thought were the coolest looks out there. It’s a nice creative process and it also brings us together as a team,” says Redken Hair Director Richard Kavanagh. Secondly, Kate’s collection was actually based on Bert Stein’s portrait of Marilyn Monroe – ‘The Last Sitting’. It’s not a typical, done-up Monroe image. She actually looks really effortlessly and naturally sexy, hair slightly mussed. We wanted to represent that cool essence as well as the Americana vibes happening in the collection.”


1. Prep the hair thoroughly with Rootful 06 root lifting spray and then Guts 10 volume spray foam until hair is completely saturated.

2. Blast hair using a hair dryer on a high heat setting until completely dry, brushing through the product as you dry.

3. Sprinkle Powder Grip 03 mattifying hair powder through roots and lengths for grip and added texture.

4. Create a part on the left, sweeping the hair right across the face then pull back into a tight low pony at the nape.

5. With three sections, create a loose, short plait a couple of inches long and then secure with a pin.

6. Spray hair all over with Powder Refresh 01 dry shampoo for a dusty, textured look. Then, holding the nozzle close to the hair, spray Forceful 23 super strength finishing spray to sections on the crown, to create areas of texture detail and a wet look finish.


1. Redken Rootful 06 root lifting spray

2. Redken Guts 10 volume spray foam

3. Redken Powder Grip 03 mattifying hair powder

4. Redken Powder Refresh 01 dry shampoo

5. Redken Forceful 23 versatile working spray

Stockist Details

Australia – At your nearest Redken salon. Phone 1300 650 170 to locate.

USA – Available from Drugstore.com, Walgreens and Dr Jays

UK – At your nearest Redken salon. Find one with the Salon Locator.

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Kate Sylvester Redken Hair Products

All images provided by L’Oreal Professional Australia

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