It would seem that everytime I do a hair related post I just complain about my fine, limp hair. I hate to say it, but this post will start off the same way. I have super fine hair. A lot of it …. but super fine. My hair is so fine these days that it is nearly impossible to matt. I can tease it, spray it, blast it, spritz it and within minutes of completion my hair will start to untangle itself and return to its flat, limp self. Out of pure frustration I am now turning to trying all forms of volumising products I can get my hands on. Expect reviews people, many reviews …. starting with the Moroccanoil Extra Volume Shampoo and Conditoner.

My Review

Before I get into the main points, I want to be honest and tell you that for me, Moroccanoil isn’t a haircare brand I considered right for my hair. I had tried their hero product, Moroccanoil, countless times, and more recently their Moroccanoil Light which is meant to be for fine hair. Those two products never seemed to do anything for my hair except make it heavy and that is not something you want on lack-lustre hair like mine.

When I decided to try these products I admit I was skeptical before I even wet my hair. I convinced myself the products would make my hair heavy and oily. Now, here is my experience …

  • The packaging isn’t anything to write home about. The trademark blue and orange colours are used, but I like that Moroccanoil made the choice to have the shampoo in a blue bottle and the conditioner in a white one. I feel that often professional haircare brands forget that consumers can be lazy and we want to be able to spot the difference in the blink of an eye. The plastic is very easy to squeeze and the flip top is at the top of the bottles, as where it should be (you know I hate upside down bottles!)
  • I was surprised to find these had a really nice fragrance. Being that these are unisex hair products, the scent is a little masculine with a strange mix of woody and floral notes. It leaves a refreshing, kind of sexy, playful scent lingering in your hair.
  • During shampooing my hair didn’t feel dry at all. It lathered up nicely, which is great for a product that doesn’t contain sulphates. It was easy to wash out and didn’t leave a ‘squeaky’ clean feel that I loathe. The formula is a creamy gel so I felt it was moisturising my scalp and hair.
  • The conditioner is a really smooth, lightweight cream formula so I was relieved when I poured it into my hand. I know that these types of conditioners work better in my hair because anything heavier and my hair will become oily within a day. After applying to my hair it was easy to comb through and it is amazingly easy to wash out, only taking me about 30 seconds each time (for my hair length that is really quick!)
  • In regards to drying off my hair, I found no difference between them and other shampoos & conditioners I have used. The time it took to dry with air drying or with a blowdryer was the same as always for me. After my hair is dry I love how soft, smooth and shiny it is. I think this is the general feeling people have towards the original Moroccanoil oil product but I guess the only way my hair can experience it is through these two products. Nevertheless, I love it!
  • These product are all about volume so while the above points are great, it doesn’t mean much to me if the volume thing didn’t happen. I found that the shampoo and conditioner definitely added a little bit of natural volume to my hair, best explained as a little air cushion around each strand of hair. It is minor, but because I was looking out for it I could see it. I found the result was even more impressive when I blow-dried my hair upside down instead of just letting it air dry (which is what I do most of the time).

In the end, I loved these products so much that I used them until empty. Usually I give up on a shampoo and conditioner after 3 weeks or so, but these ticked all the boxes for me. Unfortunately I did not find it to help with the problem of keeping my hair teased, but I have learnt a few tricks since then so I will test those out over the coming weeks.

What Moroccanoil say ….

Morrocanoil Extra Volume Shampoo is a lightweight formula that adds volume to fine or limp hair from the inside out. The gentle cleansing formula is keratin-enriched and nourishes the hair with natural sugars, proteins and hormones that moisturise, enhance volume and reduce static, leaving hair full and lustrous. The formula is free of sulfates, phosphates, and parabens, and is not tested on animals. Apply a teaspoon-sized amount to very wet hair and gently massage through the hair and scalp, working into a rich lather.

Morrocanoil Extra Volume Conditioner is a weightless formula that adds body and volume to fine and limp hair. The formula is safe for all hair types and is keratin-enriched to repair and strengthen. The unique volumising formula detangles and hydrates the hair, adding shine and manageability without weighing hair down. The conditioner is free of sulphates, phosphates and parabens and is not tested on animals. To use, gently squeeze excess moisture from the hair and apply a small amount of Morrocanoil Extra Volume from roots to ends. Leave for 1-2 minutes and rinse well.

Animal Cruelty Policy: Products are not tested on animals.

Stockist Details

The bottles are 250ml each. As far as I know they do not come in a larger size. For more information visit the Moroccanoil official website.

AUS $35 each from RY, Adore Beauty and Moroccanoil salons

USA $26 from, FragranceNetAmazon and Moroccanoil salons

UK £18 from Feel Unique, Look Fantastic and Moroccanoil salons

Have you any Moroccanoil products? Do you have fine hair or suffer from un-teasable hair? Let me know by commenting below!


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