The Pantene Beautiful Lengths campaign is an amazing initiative to get woman to grow their hair long and strong, then donate to have it turned into a free wig for cancer patients. In the USA, Pantene USA have been running this campaign since 2006 in conjunction with the American Cancer Society. To date they have distributed over 24,000 free real-hair wigs through the American Cancer Society wig banks. Now the campaign has come to Australia and in conjunction with Look Good … Feel Better, Pantene Australia hope to break the record of free wigs created and distributed across Australia AND New Zealand.

Yesterday, I participated by cutting my hair off and donating my ponytail. Today I want to share with you why I did it, and my journey in video and pictures.

Getting the full length of my hair in one photo isn't easy

Why I Donated

We could all pretend I am a great, kind-hearted, generous person but that isn’t why I was prepared to cut my hair off and donate it to the cause. For those of you who have read this blog for some time, you may recall that my mother has cancer and she has undergone chemotherapy on more than one occasion. Her last course of chemotherapy was radical and this caused her to lose the majority of her hair. My mother was lucky enough to attend a Look Good … Feel Better workshop during her treatment and one of the many things they taught her was what sort of wig options were out there and how to wear them. My mother and I went straight to a wig store later that week. It was clear that real-hair wigs were essential and ones specially designed for cancer patients (with softer lining and double stitched to minimise gaps) were exorbitant. We ended up selecting the best we could afford and that came in at over $600, which is actually on the lower end of the scale. Most of the wigs cost $800 or more.

It is for that reason …. money …. that I wanted to donate my hair. Not surprisingly, cancer isn’t the most affordable illness to have. We are very lucky in Australia to have health care systems, both public and private, that allow most treatments and therapies to cost very little for patients. The expensive part comes in not being able to work, and still having endless expenses. I can only speak as a Sydney resident but rent and utility rates are beyond a joke. Fuel costs more than gold. And parking within a 5km radius to a hospital will set you back $20 for 30 minutes. The last thing a cancer patient needs to worry about is $800 for a wig just so they can still feel a little bit human. And why should they when I am walking around tripping over my hair that is way too long.

My hair is nearly half my height

The Donation

Donating your hair is easy and you can do it at home, but I went to see one of my all-time favourite hairdressers, Barney Martin at his salon in Surry Hills because I really needed a new style anyway. Let’s see how it all went down ….

and the photos …



Barney Martin gets ready to cut

My ponytail and I

It takes an average of 6 ponytails to create 1 wig.

Barney thinks about what to do with my hair

He wanted to go a lot shorter than I was prepared for ...

... but I talked him down and we would revisit after a wash

Some extra snips were made and then dried off with a diffuser

The final result!

My hair looks healthy and much thicker now

My donation came in at 30cm, which is almost 12in!

How to Participate

To donate your hair to the Pantene Beautiful Lengths campaign, visit the website for all the information you need to know.

If you are interested in visiting Barney and his wonderful team you will find all their information on their website.

What do you think of my new hairstyle? Would you donate your ponytail to Beautiful Lengths? Let me know by commenting below!

Thanks for my new hair, Barney!

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