A little while ago I was lucky enough to attend a small make-up class at the Lancôme counter in Myer Sydney City Store, hosted by Michael Brown, the National Make-Up Artist for Lancôme in Australia.

I had been looking forward to this event for some time because, as you already know, I am quite a fan of Lancôme. When I get attached to a brand, like I have done with Lancôme, I feel I hold them to a much higher standard. I expect everything they do to be magic. For this reason, I may have put a little pressure on Michael (in my mind anyway), to achieve greatness and impress me with some tips I had never heard before.

Sure, you are probably thinking who the hell I am to question such a professional genius, but I think this is something a lot of consumers do. Maybe we don’t all admit to it … actually, I have never admitted it before …. but when a brand works so hard to get you on their side, with expensive advertising and using the faces of celebrities we love, we can sometimes feel that our relationship is a two way street. This whole paragraph is slightly off topic but the moral of the story was that I still wanted to be impressed, I wanted Lancôme to work for my admiration ….. and boy did Mr Brown succeed.

Today I want to share with you the simple ‘4 Products, 2 Minutes’ Lancôme routine Michael taught the class. It is a simple, quick and easy way to get flawless skin in a flash. I particularly like this because I am so busy day-to-day that my face can sometimes get left bare (yep, nooooo foundation!), and it can make me look washed out. Since learning these steps from Michael, I feel I can look presentable in less time than it takes to cook a pack of Maggi noodles.

What You Will Need


  • Lancôme Génefique Youth Activating Concentrate
  • Lancôme Teint Miracle Foundation
  • Lancôme Hypnôse Precious Cells Mascara
  • Lancôme L’Absolu Crème de Brillance


  • Foundation Brush

A Fresh Faced Day Look

The following look is perfect for your morning make-up routine. Alternatively it can work just as well if you went to work bare faced and you get invited to a last minute lunch, meeting, etc.

Step 1

Take one pump of Génefique Youth Activating Concentrate and mix it with one pump of Teint Miracle Foundation in the palm of your hand. Using the foundation brush, pat on the mixture to the middle area of your face. Focus only on the nose, under eyes, cheeks, brows and chin.

My plain face before applying the products

Start dabbing in the middle of your face

Dab over your cheeks, under eyes, forehead ....

Don't forget your chin

The Teint Miracle Foundation is a full coverage foundation but applying it this way, and mixing it with the Génefique Youth Activating Concentrate, makes it a slightly sheer coverage that hydrates your skin and leaves you looking natural, fresh and glowing.

I have used Beige Albâtre #01.

Tick! - Foundation is done

Step 2

Apply Hypnôse Precious Cells Mascara. I used standard black but if you have really light lashes you could use Brown.

Hypnôse Precious Cells is a lengthening and volumising mascara which gives lashes the perfect amount of impact because it is layerable. It can be used as a day or night time mascara.



I used just two swipes of the mascara on each eye, top and bottom. It shocks me how good this mascara is.

Step 3

Wipe a small amount of L’Absolu Crème de Brillance lip gloss onto your finger. Tap the gloss onto your lips, concentrating mostly on the middle third of your lips.

I love how these glosses are packaged

Wipe the applicator on your finger. It will give you more control over how much gloss you apply.

L’Absolu Crème de Brillance is a richly moisturising lip gloss that has a high dose of pigment. The range includes sheer, shimmer and opaque varieties in a range of wonderful colours.

I have used Le Rouge L’Wren #127 from the limited edition L’Wren Scott collection released last year, but you can use any gloss from the L’Absolu Crème de Brillance range.



As you can see the look is easy, clean and fresh. If you are just starting to experiment with make-up, or your daily routine has become stale, I can’t urge you enough to try this one out.

Looking fresh and simple after just 2 minutes!

For some, this look may be too ‘soft’, or this look is great for work but you often have to head out to dinner or after work drinks, what then? Not to worry, Michael showed us one more product and two more steps that can transform the entire look.

From Daytime Fresh to Afternoon Pretty


  • Lancôme Blush Subtil


  • Angled Blush Brush
  • Blending Eyeshadow Brush

Step 4

Using your index finger and Lancôme Blush Subtil, dab the powder directly to the middle of your eye ball (on the lid of course, not IN your eye) for a pop of colour.

Apply directly to the middle of your eye lid


A slightly noticeable flash of colour

You can leave the eyes just like this for a distinct flash of colour. If you like a more blended eye look, apply the blush the same way, but then use an Eyeshadow Blending Brush and gentle blend in a side-to-side motion into the socket.

To soften, blend side-to-side

Blended lids

Step 5

Using the Angled Blush Brush, start at the high end of your cheekbones (near your hair line) and gently brush downwards/diagonally following the angle of your cheekbone. You don’t want to brush past the middle of your eye.

Applying Lancôme Blush Subtil this way will add definition for those who lack defined cheekbones and it also slims the entire face.

What an Angled Blush Brush looks like

Start the brush up high near your hair, stroke along the cheekbone and stop at the centre of your eye

If you already have really high cheekbones (like me) or are thin faced, apply the blush in a circular motion to the apples of your cheeks. This gives a plumping effect.

Michael recommended using a soft and pretty shade like Pêche Intense #06. In English, that’s peach! I am not usually one to use orange tones on my skin but I really liked the look of this one, and I wanted to repeat the process exactly like Michael did (except with the correct colour foundation for me).

The final look ... 5 Products + 5 Minutes and your all set

Reading all this may seem like a long and difficult process, but I assure you once you have done it just one single time, you will be a pro!


Lancôme is available from Myer & David Jones in Australia.
In the USA & Canada you can buy from the Lancôme website or Sephora.
In the UK you can by from the Lancôme website as well.

The following prices are RRP:

  • Lancôme Génefique Youth Activating Concentrate – from AU $115, US $58, UK £54.65
  • Lancôme Teint Miracle Foundation – AU $68, US $37, UK £25.55
  • Lancôme Hypnôse Precious Cells Mascara – AU $52, US $25, UK £22.45
  • Lancôme L’Absolu Crème de Brillance – AU $48, US $29, UK £18.40
  • Lancôme Blush Subtil – AU $72, US $29.50, UK £25.55

To get more fabulous tips, follow Michael Brown on Twitter or check out the awesome (and official) Lancôme blog

In other news, after looking at these photos over and over, I think I need my ears pinned. Seriously, I could fly away with those. Do you agree?

I would love to hear your thoughts on this ‘How To’. Was it simple to read? Did the photos help? Was it boring? Did my giant ears distract you? Have your say by leaving a comment below!

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