A little while ago I did a Sunday Funday Poll where I asked you if you Dry Body Brush. I was a little surprised to see that the majority of respondents chose “I don’t know what that is”. So today I wanted us all to start off the new year fresh with a little educational post on what is Dry Body Brushing and a guide on how to do it.

What Is Dry Body Brushing?

Dry brushing is a process of using a bristle brush on your skin for a variety of holistic benefits. It is believed, and strongly supported by many scientific studies, that regular brushing of your skin increases circulation, stimulates elimination of cellulite, and softens and smoothes your skin surface.

It can also improve lymphatic drainage, sluggish immune systems and poor digestion. The process works best when carried out daily, but even occasional dry body brushing is enough have some good results.

How To Dry Body Brush

I am going to share with you the way I was taught to body brush, but every hollistic practitioner and spa therapist will have their own way of doing it. My understanding is that as long as you follow the key important stuff such as always brushing towards your heart, than the little tweaks don’t matter too much.

First, you will need to obtain a good quality, firm, natural bristle brush. I will show you my top 3 picks at the bottom of this post, so keep an eye out.

IMPORTANT: Dry body brushing is best done on completely dry skin in my opinion, but it can also be done over an application of a good body oil (a hydrating type preferably). It is important to dry body brush BEFORE you shower or bathe.  They key is dry skin.

Diagram for reference only. Actual steps differ from image shown. Image courtesy of Nahla Beauty

Step By Step Guide

  1. You will need to be brushing towards your heart, and use enough pressure to stimulate your circulation, but not so much to bruise yourself. It will take a few goes to remember this but it will become second nature after a while. The brushing should feel irritating and scratchy. If it hurts, you are putting too much pressure on the brush.
  2. Starting at the tops of your feet, work with long sweeping strokes up to the knee. You need to do this a few times over each area so just keep going until all the skin has been brushed a couple of times. Don’t forget the back of your legs!
  3. At the knees, brush in circles around the knee cap, then continue your long sweeping strokes for the top half of your legs. Don’t forget your inner thighs and buttocks where all that cellulite gathers.
  4. Continue the long sweeping strokes on the sides of your body and up towards your heart. You will be going back to your stomach so leave that section alone for now.
  5. Move to your palms and back of your hands, brush in long sweeping strokes up to your shoulders.
  6. From your shoulders, brush over your chest downwards towards your heart. Do anti-clockwise brushing circles over your heart and/or around your breasts.
  7. Go back to your stomach and brush in a clockwise circle, starting at your lower right side, moving all the way over your belly button and back around.
  8. The back is the hardest part but if you can it is good to brush from the base of your neck over the back of your shoulder blades, downwards towards your heart. If you are flexible (or you can try leaning forward to arch your back), brush from your tailbone up and down along your spine.

Once you are done, hop in the shower or bath and wash off all that icky dry skin and dirty toxins that have been released from your body. You may not see or smell them, but trust me that you have just opened up all the dirty stuff sitting on your skin so you will want to get that off.

TIP: I keep my dry body brush hanging in my bathroom in a dry place (on the back of the door to be specific). Everyday before I jump in the shower I dry body brush. Having it in a place that is visible and where I am meant to use it means I never forget!

My Top Body Brushes

Here are three of my picks for a good body brush.

Elemis Body Brush – USA $48 from Bliss (international shipping available) / UK £17 from Cult Beauty
icon(international shipping available)

The Body Shop Cactus Brush – AUS $22.95 / USA $15 / UK £10

Silicone Soft Grip Body Brush
Ulta Silicone Soft Grip Body Brush – USA $10

Now that you know how, will you dry body brush? Did you find this post helpful? Let me know by commenting below!

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