I wouldn’t say I have had a lot of experience with surgery in my life, and I am very thankful for that, but I have had more than my share of skin trauma. By the time I had my Rhinoplasty I had almost perfected how to treat my skin from bruises, cuts, abrasions, bites and whatever other damage I would inflict with my proneness to accidents. As I am going in for surgery tomorrow to have my gallbladder removed, I thought I should share my top beauty tips for preparing your skin for surgery. There really are things you can do that will cut down your healing time. 

Arnica Tablets

I swear by Arnica tablets. They are a little white tablet with no taste that you dissolve under your tongue and contains a low dose of Arnica extracts. Traditionally they are used as a homeopathic medicine for temporary relief of bruising, sore and aching muscles, rashes and all sorts of wounds. Many would advise that you use it after the trauma and I definitely agree that they do work for healing a fresh wound but in my experience taking a regular dose of the Arnica tablets in the lead up to a planned skin trauma results in far less bruising.

Where possible I try to take the recommended daily dose of Arnica tablets 2 weeks prior to the trauma, however we do not always get such notice so I take it as soon as I know there will be a procedure of some sort. I have tried many different brands and have found them all to work the same, but I am currently using the Traumeel brand.

You can buy Arnica tablets from health food stores and drugstores/pharmacies (Buy it from Drugstore.com, Target and Buy.com). Arnica also comes in the form of a cream that you can apply to external injuries but for surgery preparation I definitely recommend the oral tablets.

Bio-Oil PurCellin Oil

If you know your incision points for your surgery, and I hope you would because a surgeon should explain that in your pre-op consultation, I recommend preparing the skin with Bio-Oil. I have always considered this a miracle oil and you can definitely use it every day of the year but if you aren’t a huge fan of oil you can just use this pre- and post-op if you prefer. I never put a time marker on this but I would recommend you start as soon as you know you are having surgery.

Apply the oil to the entire area that will be affected by surgery. For my gallbladder, I will have three incisions below my breasts and one above my belly button, but I apply the oil to my entire stomach from below my breast to my hips. No matter how small the surgery or the surgical instruments used, your skin will most definitely be pulled, stretched and traumatised. If you can prepare you skin to be extremely nourished and hydrated than that trauma will have a less visible outcome afterwards. This is also best practice should you have complications and your surgeon needs to cut your incisions further.

Bio-Oil is just as important after your procedure as well, so start applying straight over your stitches as soon as your doctor allows it.

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Do you have any surgical related beauty tips? Are there any skin healing products you swear by? Let me know by commenting below!

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