How to treat puffy eyes

Under-eye bags are one of the most shocking things you can wake up to in the morning, especially if you’ve never had them before. I’m a chronic sufferer of dark circles but I’ve never had the area beneath my eyes puff up. To my horror, this is exactly what happened to me last week but luckily I know just what to do about getting rid of them.

In this tutorial I show you just what to do when you wake up, look in the mirror and find yourself with puffy eyes. In the spirit of the occasion, I did this tutorial as soon as I woke up, so forgive me for the make-up free face, groomed brows and exhausted facial expressions. 

Step 1: Address the situation

Take a good look at your skin and check there is nothing concerning that could have caused your eye to swell. Is there bruising? Is it sore to touch (more than slightly tender)? Are there any blood spots in your eye or broken skin? If you answered no to all of those it’s fine to go ahead and treat yourself.

Puffy under-eye bags are a build-up of fluid beneath the skin. It can be cause by many things but the most common are lack of sleep, sleeping position (side and stomach sleepers are more likely to have puffy eyes), allergies, a sinus infection and even sleeping in your eye makeup!

Get rid of eye bags

Check the area for any concerning damage

Step 2: Make a cuppa

The cheapest and quickest way to reduce puffiness is to apply something cooling to the eye area. A great household product is used teabags. Simply make yourself a cup of tea and then pop the use tea bag in the fridge to chill. It will only take a couple of minutes.

Cool wet teabag

Place a freshly used teabag in the fridge to cool

Hold the tea bag on the puffy eye for 5-10 minutes. It’s best if you can lie-back while they work and if possible, use a chamomile or peppermint tea to get the added soothing benefits. Black tea works fine but put a tissue or paper towel over your skin before you place the teabag and rinse the area with water afterwards to avoid staining.

Reduce puffy eye with used teabag

Place the cold teabag on your eye for 10 minutes

Don’t have tea? Fresh slices of cucumber are also great for reducing puffy eyes or you can use specially-designed eye cooling pads.

Try these:

Step 3: Apply eye cream

Hydration is vital to keeping the under-eye bags from popping back up so apply an eye cream that treats puffiness. I especially like to use ones with a roller-ball or metal applicator tip because the cooling effect feels amazing and the massaging effect helps distribute the build-up of water.

Reduce eye swelling with eye cream

An eye cream with a rollerball feels great

Try these:

This should significantly reduce the visible signs of puffiness but if your skin shows some discolouration from all that attention (like mine is doing) just pop some concealer on before you apply your makeup.

If the area looks a little red, apply some concealer

If the area looks a little red, apply some concealer

Do you get puffy eyes? What do you do to avoid under-eye bags? Let me know by commenting below!

How to treat under-eye bags tutorial

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