Unpacking bags is one of my most hated tasks. I will go on a holiday and other than removing the dirty washing I will remove an item as I need to use it. It can take me 6 months to unpack a suitcase. Same goes for shopping bags, which is why I am only now just unpacking my haul from IMATS which happened 2 weekends ago.

I didn’t go crazy this year at IMATS because I already went a little overboard at the Sydney International Spa & Beauty Expo, and frankly, I couldn’t afford it! The true beautyholic in me wouldn’t let me make it out of the building without a few purchases so I grabbed the following.

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (OCC)

The famous Lip Tar product from OCC is one item I have always wanted, but could never justify purchasing. I have never needed my lipstick to last 400 hours and I have so many amazing lipsticks I didn’t want to get more of something I will never use. However, when I finally got to see them in person for the first time at IMATS this year, I couldn’t resist snapping up a couple. I ended up selecting Anime (Neon Fuschia) and Harlot (Orange Red), both colours I always go for in lipsticks and glosses.

Australia $15 from Scotty’s / USA $16 from Beauty.com / UK £11.50 from Cult Beauty

OCC Lip Tar in Animel (left) and Harlot (right)


I had never heard of the brand Mehron but when I stumbled across their stand within the first 10 minutes of being at IMATS, I was already impressed. They mostly have theatrical makeup and body painting supplies, but when I discovered the Metallic Powder Makeup I was instantly thinking of how I could add it to lipgloss, eyeshadow base and nail polish. I picked up the Copper colour because it looks exactly like Rose Gold, which is my favourite colour of all golds.

USA $9.95 from Mehron and they ship internationally

Mehron Copper Pigment Shimmer


Ben Nye

I have never tried anything from Ben Nye but I have heard lots of makeup artist friends rave about some of their products. At IMATS Sydney this year they had a massive Ben Nye stand which I had never seen before, but I could have just been blasé previous years. The thing that was really strange though was that they weren’t selling anything at the stand, nor were they allowing you to order anything. Instead of selling, they were referring all customers to the Scotty’s stand to purchase things.

Here is where the story gets really strange. After spotting the Ben Nye Sparklers Glitter at the Ben Nye stand, I knew I had to have at least 5 pots of the amazing shimmery, almost holographic glitters. The girl at the Ben Nye stand said to go to the Scotty’s stand, which was easy enough, but oddly Scotty’s decided not to bring all the items their Ben Nye stand was showing. Their advice was to come into their store (in Sydney) and buy them another time. Uhhh, ok, I do live in Sydney so it is possible, but what if I didn’t? What if I was from New Zealand and had flown in especially for IMATS. It may not be a big deal, but it got me so angry that I was there and ready to fork out a wad of cash for an impulse buy that they were displaying, yet they didn’t think to bring the stock. Am I crazy or is that just ridiculous?

In true Kimmi style, I couldn’t let it go so I went back to the Ben Nye stand and told anyone who would listen that they shouldn’t be trying to sell me something I can’t actually buy. I would have placed an order with them but they wouldn’t even accept that. In the end, a lovely girl working at the stand heard my pleas for glitter and allowed me to take some mini samples home to play with after my beautiful pal Emer from Dollhouse Makeup & Beauty suggested it. I really wish I could remember her name but I was so excited by the glitter I lost focus. I know she is a reader so if you see this, PLEASE leave a comment. You made my day!!!

Well that was the story, now here are the glitters. I got 5 samples and it is amazing how multi-faceted the colours are. I have done one larger shot of all the samples, and then an individual close-up in different lighting to show you how the colour changes. The full-size pots are .5oz/14gm so they are really big.

Australia $11 from Scotty’s / USA $9.50 from Theatrical Makeup Supplies / UK £4.95 from Guru Makeup Emporium

Ben Nye Sparklers Glitter (L-R): Copper, Galactic Violet, Black Diamond, Glitter Gold and (below) Glitter Silver

Ben Nye Sparklers Glitter in Copper

Ben Nye Sparklers Glitter in Galactic Violet

Ben Nye Sparklers Glitter in Black Diamond

Ben Nye Sparklers Glitter in Glitter Gold

Ben Nye Sparklers Glitter in Glitter Silver




What do you think of my little IMATS haul? Have you tried anything from these brands? Let me know by commenting below!

At IMATS with fellow beauty bloggers (L-R): Adeline (Through Beauty Eyes), Michaela (Lather Rinse Repeat), Rosemary (Lashes and Lattes) and I (Kimmi!)

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