Rico Zombie Boy with Normal Skin

That guy looks like a regular, spunky dude, doesn’t he? Nothing all that flash. Some good cheekbones, a bad-boy gaze, attitude …. doesn’t really appear to need a makeover. Actually, that photo above IS THE MAKEOVER.

Say Whaaaat Eddie Murphy Coming To America

Say whaaaat?

This post is going to show you just how incredible makeup really is. While most of our everyday interactions with makeup may just be to add a little colour to our lives, the fact is that makeup can and does much more than that. I’ve always believed makeup isn’t just for the use of shallow humans who desire to improve their looks for frivolous reasons. No reason for using makeup is without purpose and I do believe whatever that purpose may be is perfectly acceptable.

These beauty transformations will show you that makeup is a powerful tool, and one that has changed many lives. 

Zombie Boy

Zombie Boy, Rico, Rick Genest … he goes by many names but he is mostly known for his face & body. The model and DJ has appeared in countless ads, on runways and you may even recognise him from Lady Gaga’s Born This Way video clip. Rico transformed his entire body with tattoos to resemble a living skeleton, and in this video for Dermablend, they show just how well their products can cover your skin.

Acne Cover Up

Adorable beauty vlogger, Elaine Mokk, suffered a severe and devastating acne outbreak after combining birth control pills with accutane. While Elaine had suffered acne prior, it was never THIS bad. Her video tutorial showing how she covers her cystic acne was uploaded a year ago and has racked up nearly 13million views.

Malificent Makeup

This video tutorial by Charisma Star is definitely over-the-top and heavily produced but the message remains the same …. makeup is incredible. Charisma is a gorgeous girl but she shows how wickedly she can transform into an eerily-similar Angelina Jolie starring as Maleficent in the brand new movie.

Have you seen a beauty transformation video that impressed you? Which of these videos did you find the most incredible? Let me know by commenting below!

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