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Nail polish is a total obsession for me lately, and no matter how many I have I always want more. More. MORE! I am on a pretty strict no-buy rule right now as I am saving for so many things but there is always something shiny (and glittery) to suck me in. On a couple of occasions, I have been tossing up whether to buy a new nail collection and it happens to sell out just when I made the decision to buy it. Heartbreaking. So today I thought I would put it writing exactly what I want, and then hopefully that will help to stop thinking about them all the time. That sounds like it could work, right? 

Jesse’s Girl Cosmetics

The latest nail collection from their collaboration with Julie G is the Frosted Gum Drops textured nail polish, which of course is limited edition. After seeing the swatches on Phyrra and all the amazing posts coming up on the Jesse’s Girl Facebook page, I was devastated to learn that by the time I got my butt online the online allocation was sold out. There are some Rite Aid stores carrying the collection but it is limited. If you want to try and track them down I recommend using the interactive sightings map on Nouveau Cheap.

I am going to keep my eyes on their website and pray for a miracle. The set of 6 colours sold for just USA $20 in pre-sale, and then individual pricing was only USA $3.99. Ahhhh, so cheap!!!

Jesse's Girl Cosmetics Julie G Frosted Gum Drops

Jesse’s Girl Cosmetics Julie G Frosted Gum Drops

Image source: Nouveau Cheap


Bond Girls, the greatest part of any Bond film but mostly because of their funny names and fantastic wardrobe. Now there is a new reason to love them because they have inspired the latest collection from OPI. The 6 piece collection isn’t officially available until May so that is torture for me seeing as though they’re already popping up on my favourite US blogs. All the polishes in this collection are in the new Liquid Sand texture and from what I can tell the pigmentation is fabulous. They will be available from all OPI retailers in May but if you want to see some swatches now visit Vampy Varnish.

OPI Bond Girls Liquid Sand Collection

OPI Bond Girls Liquid Sand Collection

Image Source: Vampy Varnish


I have just realised there may be a little theme going with the textured nail polish because the next one on my list is Zoya’s PixieDust Special Edition Texture collection. It was the swatches on The Daily Nail that made me drool over this collection, but having stalked the website of the Zoya Australian distributor I am yet to see these become available, but not only that, the website is still showing the latest collection as Spring 2012!!. This is the second PixieDust collection from Zoya and I am starting to think they are just not coming to Australia. This is one of the reasons I never get to buy Zoya because it is impossible to find in my little country (I have to buy it when I am visiting the USA). Nevertheless, the lack of access never stops me from lusting after Zoya and this collection is no different.

See the swatches on The Daily Nail and you will know what I mean by *gimme gimme*. And if you are lucky enough to live in the USA you can purchase them for USA $9 each at Zoya.

Zoya Limited Edition Special Texture PixieDust

Zoya Limited Edition Special Texture PixieDust

Image Source: The Daily Nail

What do you think of my lemming list? Are there any nail polishes you are lusting after right now? Let me know by commenting below!

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