Easton Pearson Cloud Nine Hair Look

Hair Director: Renya Xydis for Cloud Nine


It’s “50’s inspired, but it feels more like 2050” says Lydia Pearson.

Renya Xydis and her Cloud Nine army of session stylists whipped up a frenzy of colourful hair piled high on top of model’s heads in an artfully dishevelled up-do inspired by Hitchcock heroine Tippi Hedren’s icy blonde French roll in ‘The Birds”.


Step 1: Start by sectioning the hair into 5 equal sections vertically down the head. One in the centre and 2 each side and clip away.

Step 2: Take the top of each section and set with TheO Rollers by Cloud Nine to start to give volume and shape to the hair. Leave to cool.

Step 3: While the top of the hair is setting and cooling, starting with the centre, begin to tease bottom half of the hair. Repeat for all sections.

Step 4: With the Cloud Nine Wand set to high, roll the whole section of hair, one at a time around the barrel starting from the end. Curl the hair the same direction as whichever way you will have the finished roll on. Repeat for all sections

Step 5: Liberally spray hair with hairspray and gently brush out your side section, leaving the centre as padding.

Step 6: Remove TheO Rollers from the top of the hair and mist with hairspray.

Step 7: Gently tease hair and with your wand set to high, curl the midlegths of the hair haphazardly.

Step 8: Clip the top crown section of hair away and starting on the right side of the head, brush all sections back towards the middle. Secure and spray.

Step 9: Twist the hair around allowing for lots of height to create the French roll. Secure with one large bobbly pin the centre of the roll.

Step 10: Once in place, pull the top section back out using a mason pearson brush. Tease at roots and dust with texture powder. Gently pull back in place messily as desired.

Step 11: Finish with generous amounts of coloured hairspray

Easton Pearson Cloud Nine Hair Prep


TheO Pod by Cloud Nine

TheO Roller 4 pack available in various sizes

The Wand by Cloud Nine

Stockist Details

Australia – Available from Cloud Nine salons, phone 1300 437 436

USA – Available from Cloud Nine USA

UK – Available from Cloud Nine UK

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MBFWA 2013 – Easton Pearson Hair Look
Cloud Nine

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