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If there is anything better than receiving a well deserved gift it would have to be giving one. And no one is more deserving than our mothers or motherly-figures. It is one day a year to say thank-you for putting up with us, for raising us, for doing everything you could to keep us safe and happy (no matter how determined we were to make it difficult for you). Whether it is actually your birth mothers, grandmother, sister, aunty or simply a friend who helped you in life …. Sunday, 12 May is the day to thank them with a gift.

I personally think there is no better gift than one that makes you look and feel good. It may be something personal like a fragrance that invokes memories of good times, or a bright red lipstick that says you are a confident woman and I cherish that. Every gift tells a story so why not make it one that is more than a box of chocolates. The gift ideas you will find in this post are worthy of making your mother feel loved. 

Savoir Faire

The mini lipgloss set from Savoir Faire Cosmetics is so adorable you will have a tough time handing it over. The Always pack set contains 3 smaller versions of their signature lipgloss in 3 of their most versatile shades – Darling, a clear base laced with light shimmer and the taste of vanilla; Lolita, a soft pink that tastes like peaches & cream; and Bounty, a feminine rose pink with Grapefruit scent. The sleek packaging of the full size lipgloss is not lost on these minis, and they look just as flash when whipping them out to retouch your lips.

Australia $50 from Savoir Faire stockists, phone 1800 765 399 or visit the Savoir Faire website

Savior Faire Cosmetics Mini Lipgloss Gift Set

Savior Faire Cosmetics Mini Lipgloss Gift Set

Mary Kay

Fragrance is always a special gift for mothers but you can make it extra special by picking up a beautiful gift pack like the Dance To Life set from Mary Kay. This special edition EDP is to celebrate Mary Kay’s milestone 50th anniversary, and chances are Mary Kay has been a part of your mothers life at some point as they are one of the worlds largest direct selling companies.

Dance To Life is an uplifting fruity-floral scent and when you team the EDP with the perfectly matched shimmering body lotion the fragrance is given a new dimension.

Australia $95 from Mary Kay Australia

USA & UK – Set unavailable at this time. Fragrance can be purchased individually from Mary Kay USA and UK

Mary Kay Dance to Life Gift Set

Mary Kay Dance to Life Gift Set

Lush Cosmetics

Lush always have fabulous gift ideas for any time of the year but their reusable Mum Tulip bubble bar has to be our pick of the bunch. The tulip, as well as being a beautiful spring flower, is also the symbol for International Women’s Day so it is a perfect gift that means more than just a delicious bath. The delectable chocolate orange Yuzu and Cocoa Bubbleroon fragrance is a treat without the guilt. It is vegan, and like all Lush products there is no palm oil used. Give a gift to your mother and help save the world with this present … and why not pick up a bunch to make a useful and delightful bouquet of flowers.

Australia $9.50 each from Lush Cosmetics Australia

USA $8.95 each from Lush Cosmetics USA

UK £5.25 each from Lush Cosmetics UK

Lush Mum Tulip bubble bar wand

Lush Mum Tulip bubble bar wand

Have you already bought your mothers day gift? Will you be giving a gift to someone other than your mother this Sunday? Let me know by commenting below!

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