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A few weeks ago I celebrated my 27th birthday. Ok, it wasn’t so much a celebration as a day of applying hydrating face masks and bathing myself in anti-aging cream. Nevertheless, the day had rolled around and the one thing I begged my family and friends for this year was NO PRESENTS. I am kind of (read: totally) a hoarder and the last thing I needed was more useless stuff no matter how pretty it is. And then there is the fact I buy every single beauty thing that takes my fancy so there really isn’t much left to get me. But of course, they didn’t listen however for once I am actually really glad they didn’t consider my pleas. This year, they knocked it out of the park so I thought I would show you what I got because it may just help you to find a gift for someone really difficult in your life. And let’s not forget, Mother’s Day is just around the corner!


Did you know sleep lines are one of the most serious offender in forming wrinkles? I was horrified when I visited with a dermatologist not so long ago and with in the first 5 seconds she told me she can see I sleep on my stomach (I do) and that I smoosh my face into the pillow (I totally do). I always knew sleeping on your side or stomach was bad for breathing but I never quite realised the damage it does to your skin and collagen. Despite this knowledge, I have had zero luck curbing my ways and I still sleep with my face buried in my pillow.

Enter my mother’s birthday gift to me, the SLIP silk pillowcase. On the downside, it isn’t vegan-friendly because it is made from pure silk but I have been attempting to use synthetic satin pillowcases (albeit cheap ones) for the past year and while I have noticed a huge difference for my skin and hair, it does get quite hot and sweaty. This pillowcase is different in that it is purposely designed for anti-aging and anti sleep creases. It is made from the highest quality silk man has mastered, Mulberry Silk (learn why it is different to other silk).

The pillowcase is naturally hypoallergenic and doesn’t draw moisture from your skin/hair like cotton does. I got a pink one (of course!) but there are lots of different colours available.

Australia $59.95 from SLIP, selected cosmetic clinics, plastic surgeons and dermatologists.

SLIP For Beauty Sleep Pillowcase Pink

The Hand Book

Nail Art. I love to look at it. I love to buy the tools and products. But I am completely useless at doing it. I would love to be brilliant at it though and with not much time to watch YouTube tutorials I have resorted to just letting it pass me by. Well, now with this gift from my brother and SIL I can learn how to create some fun looks with the help of clear instructions and photos.

The Hand Book: A Guide To Nail Art is authored by Chelsea Bagan (nail artist extraordinaire from Trophy Wife Nail Art) and Anna Ross (creator of Kester Black). There are 16 designs ranging from easy-peasy to “how the heck will I do that?”, but all include step-by-step written instructions accompanied by clear well-photographed images. There is also a glossary at the back of the book which lists all the nail lacquers used to create the nail art. I haven’t read through all the tutorials yet but so far it looks like it will be helpful to a novice like me.

Australia $25 from Kester Black and Trophy Wife Nail Art (who is giving a free dotting tool with every book purchased).

The Hand Book A Guide To Nail Art Cover

Kester Black

My brother and SIL really spoiled me on this one because along with the nail art book I got my very first bottle of Kester Black nail polish! I have had my eye on their lacquers since seeing them on some nail blogs but I never could decide which colour to get. My family got it just right when they chose Tutti Frutti, a vibrant almost neon Purple.

Not only are they CCF cruelty-free accredited but they are also vegan!!! On the downside, I have now seen their online store also stocks awesome jewellery. Someone hide my credit card.

Australia $17 from Kester Black

Kester Black Vegan Nail Polish Tutti Frutti

What do you think of my birthday gifts? Do you own or have you tried any of the products I received? Let me know by commenting below!

SLIP For Beauty Sleep Pillowcase Box

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