It is always difficult to change over to 100% all new products when you get used to your trusty few. Usually I replace 1 item every few months, not the whole lot in one go. Last week, I replaced the whole lot with a brand new regime from Dannè Montague-King, aka DMK. I don’t know if I am the only one, but to me this sort of change was very daunting.

I went to see the lovely ladies at the DMK clinic in Crows Nest, Sydney. They looked at my skin and asked me lots of questions about what I think of my skin, what I want to improve and what sort of lifestyle I have. A very different experience to one at my local beautician. The result was great because they had a product for every one of my concerns. I am one of those people who do not believe one single product can fix everything. It is just not realistic.

The DMK Clinic in Crows Nest, Sydney

My Concerns

There is quite a bit I don’t like about my skin. I will admit it is very soft and relatively clear, but by god you should have seen me 5 years ago. I was the girl everyone complimented for having amazing skin. Sure, the rest of my face was a little tragic but my skin was fabulous. Not a freckle or pimple insight. The worst I dealt with was my hideous black under eye area and  blackheads on my nose due to my gigantic pores (of course everyone said I was imagining it). Point is, I aged a little bit and now I have the following concerns …

  • Dryness and red patches around outside creases of my nose
  • Freckles on my nose, cheekbones and under my eyes
  • The 3 sun spot looking things I had since birth have spread to more than I can count
  • Lines bridging my nose to around my mouth are starting to become evident
  • General prevention of aging
  • And of course the original issues of big pores and black eyes

I will admit I wasn’t anywhere near as active in my old skincare routine as the new DMK one required me to be. I was going from doing wash, tone, moisturise once a day to a full cleansing, serums, moisturiser, etc twice a day. That is serious homework.

The Routine

  1. Cleanse thoroughly with Milk Cleanser
  2. Apply half a pump of Direct Delivery Vitamin C Serum
  3. Apply half a pump of Beta Gel
  4. Apply a cotton tip amount of Biogen C Crème and spray 4 pumps of Herb & Mineral over the top, rub in thoroughly
  5. Put one drop of Herbal Pigment Oil on finger, spray 4 pumps of Herb & Mineral on face then rub together around eyes.
  6. Apply Trans Dermal Sunblock (Morning only)

The new products

Despite how long it sounds, it actually doesn’t take me that long to do. All the products seep in really quick so there is barely any wait time between steps. At first I was really slow, trying to make sure I didn’t miss a bit of skin. Now I have got it down packed and can do it all in about 10 minutes.

Best of all, it is a specific prescription just for my skin so I know it is targeting the things I said I want to improve.

Over the next few weeks I will be putting myself into the hands of DMK. I will only be using the products prescribed to me, PLUS going in for weekly treatments. I hope you will be here with me on this journey to get flawless skin, and I will be sure to include lots of photos of my progress. For now, I will leave you with the dreaded beginning photo …..

CLICK TO ENLARGE: Oh it is so hideous .... I am glad this is the 'before' shot


DMK is like nothing I have heard of before. They specialise in paramedical skincare and they invent some outrageous treatments. I can’t believe I have only just discovered them. To get the low down check out their website

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