I have done a few reviews in the past on different facial cleansing wipes, including WOTNOT and Clean & Clear, but I always like to share new finds. This time, it is the Refreshing Facial Cleansing Wipes from the Nivea Visage Daily Essentials range.

Despite my love for skincare and taking the time to apply my 12 assorted creams and serums twice a day, there are some nights I just can’t be bothered. We all have them don’t we. It is late, or I am drunk, or in a bad mood, or I didn’t eat dinner until 9pm so now I am just bloated and need to lie down ….. I have an excuse for everything. So on those nights, I reach for a facial cleansing wipe. I also like to use facial cleansing wipes to remove majority of my makeup before using a regular cleanser. I believe the latter mentioned use of these wipes is why I go through so many packets each month. Oh well, just gives me more chances to review the new ones.

What I Say ….

  • The Daily Essentials range has three types of facial cleansing wipes available Gentle (sensitive/dry skin), Refreshing (normal/combination skin) and Fragrance Free. Each pack contains 24 wipes, which is quite a standard amount for facial cleansing wipes.
  • The first thing I noticed pulling the wipe out of the pack was that it felt ‘dry’. I am used to facial cleansing wipes dripping in solution, sometimes leaving a residue on my hands for hours. The lightly moistened feel of these concerned me at first because I thought they wouldn’t have enough on it to clean properly and I also thought after 3 days the pack was probably going to be dried out. I was wrong. The wipes worked very well, and it took me 18 days to use the pack and not a single one was too dry.
  • The cloth itself is really soft, and this is something I think is of the utmost importance. The wipe has a unique weave that creates an almost pillow-like wave. I find this design contributed to how effectively it removed surface dirt and makeup.
  • I was even able to use this on my eye area, time after time, without any irritation and redness.
  • Even though I was using the Refreshing wipes and not the Fragrance Free, I still found there was minimal to no fragrance. If anything it had a slight cucumber scent but that could have been my mind playing tricks on me because it felt refreshing.
  • Speaking of refreshing, boy does it feel refreshing. Sometimes I can find using a facial cleansing wipe can leave my skin looking and feeling a little flustered. This one actually kept my skin cool and calm.
  • The final and most important point I want to mention with this facial cleansing wipe is that it definitely feels like it does more than a makeup remover wipe. My skin actually looked and felt clean after each use, even if I had packed on the makeup. I never needed to use more than one.

What Nivea Visage Say ….

NIVEA Visage Refreshing Facial Cleansing Wipes remove make-up, purify and tone the skin in one quick, easy action. The mild, alcohol free formula, enriched with Chamomile prevents the skin from drying out. Leaves skin looking fresh and radiant, feeling soft and smooth. Suitable for use on the delicate eye area.

Animal Testing Stance: Beiersdorf (manufacturer of Nivea) does not conduct tests on animals for cosmetic products. We believe that the development of cosmetic products must avoid the utilization of animal tests. Read more on the Nivea UK website.

Stockist Details

AUS $7.50 from Priceline, Myer, Target, Kmart, Big W, supermarkets and selected pharmacies.

USA – Not available at this time

UK £3.05 from Superdrug



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