As I get older I am becoming more and more self conscious about my smile. Like most Sydney teenagers 10 odd years ago, I too had a mouth full of metal braces (except I had mine for 3 and a half years. Long story. It will be told another time!). I loathed them, they hurt, they were a nuisance ….. but they gave me a wonderful smile. I would show you a photo but they are stuck on my old laptop that I cannot get to turn on. Nice.

The one thing I was looking forward to when getting my braces off was that I would be able to brush and floss my teeth like a normal person. I wouldn’t have to intertwine floss through metal just to get a bit of food out of my teeth. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case because my orthodontist fitted a permanent plate on my back teeth like this one …..

Bottom Teeth Metal Wire Retainer
Image Source: Ottawa Invisalign Dentist

Now, because of that thin little wire permanently glued to the back of my teeth, flossing is a bitch. Until I started using this toothpaste I had to floss twice as many times every day. Until the other week when I noticed my mothers stash of Piksters. They look like these tiny little pipe cleaners on the end of a plastic stick, and I remember using something very similar back when I had braces.

I read every word on the Piksters packet and it sounded like just want I needed. A mini brush for the gaps near my gums. Genius!

The back of the Piksters packet

What I Say ….

  • I have a pack (ok I stole a pack from mom) of Size 0 and they work perfectly for my front teeth. They range from size 0 to size 7, and I think I need a size up for my back teeth
  • The first few times I used it on my front teeth I bled a bit. My back teeth were by far the worst. After using the Piksters on my back teeth my mouth filled with blood, and it took a few days before that didn’t happen each time.
  • I always knew that certain areas of my gums were unhealthy but I didn’t realise how bad until I started using these. Now that I am using them regularly my gums haven’t bled and they are looking less ‘puffy’.
  • The little brushes are sooooo easy to use. I simply insert it between the gap, twirl it a couple of times and remove. I am amazed at how much comes out even after brushing and flossing.
  • I am starting to get addicted to the feeling of the little brush massaging my gums. I am sure that sounds ridiculous but it really is delightful.
  • The Piksters can be rinsed and reused like a toothbrush. I don’t feel comfortable with that method so I use 1 brush per day, so it is used twice (morning and night). At first I was getting so much stuff stuck in the brush after each tooth that I had to rinse it before I could move to the next one, but after a week or so that stopped.
  • I could probably get more use out of each one and therefore it would be more cost effective but I prefer to use them as disposables.

The Pikster is 6cm long (minus the plastic cap)

I personally think teeth & gum health is seriously overlooked in the beauty game and I for one think that needs to change. Think about it, do you notice when someone has bad teeth? If the answer is yes, than you should also think about yourself because ageing isn’t limited to just our skin. Our teeth cop it as well!

The brush head is tiny. You can even see the weave of the fabric it was photographed on!

What Piksters Say ….

Piksters are an Interdental Brush that very effectively cleans the gaps between teeth and removes decaying food particles which may cause bad breath, plaque formation and gum disease.

Piksters are like a toothpick with bristles and these bristles have the capacity to expand into the indents on the teeth surfaces, particularly at the gum line of molars and premolars. Most people find Piksters easier to use than floss a they can be used one handed and they really give you a “just cleaned” feeling. People that have implants, crown and bridgework, braces or periodontal disease need to pay special attention to these areas and Piksters makes this job a lot easier. Toothbrushes and floss are often not as suitable in these situations as they have difficulty gaining access.

Piksters are made of tough nylon filament and stiff strong plastic coated wire which resists buckling and bending. They are also available in 8 sizes, and so there is a size that fits nearly any application.

Piksters are also reusable and so every brush has been provided with a cap so you can rinse the brush after each use and take it with you. The design is so small and compact they can be carried unobtrusively in a pocket or purse. So convenient during the day to remove food that becomes trapped between teeth after eating.

Information from Piksters


AU $5.95 (10 pack) from Priceline, Pharmacy Online and selected pharmacies

US $3.99 (10 pack) from, CVS, Rite Aid and selected retailers

UK £3.36 (10 pack) from CTS Dental Supplies

For more information on Piksters, or to find a retailer near you, visit the website

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