Did you see part 1? Did you think there was nothing left I could possibly buy? HA!

After a very restless attempt to sleep (darn jet lag), I awoke early on my ‘first official’ day in Las Vegas. After filling up on waffles at the Paris hotel, I decided to hit up Sephora again. I had to. My first visit, in all fairness, wasn’t exactly executed at my peak. I was tired, hungry, grumpy, exhausted and everything else that makes shopping not much joy. That first shop was mostly things on my want list, which is great, but I wanted to browse the wonderful displays. For this, my second trip to a Sephora, I decided to head to Town Square.

I had never been to Town Square but seeing as though I felt a little adventurous that day, I went with the unknown. The main reason I went was because I know that each Sephora store tends to have a different product range available. Also, I heard that the Town Square store was bigger than the Miracle Mile store. I didn’t want to risk missing out on something awesome!

Here is the damage, but as always, remember that the below prices are PLUS tax (darn USA):

I also scored a little sample pot of the new Philosophy ‘Summer Grace’ Shower Gel. Now this haul may look substantially smaller than part 1 but the total price, including taxes, was …..

US $364.84

That is a whole $20 more than the first one! I guess it was all those amazing sets that I just cannot resist.


Just looking at this picture makes me feel so happy

What do you think of this haul? Anything on the list you dying to get your hands on? Anything you already have and love or loathe? Let me know by commenting below!



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