Inglot Multi-Action Toners

Inglot is a brand I have minimal experience with but I know how popular it is with makeup artists and enthusiasts alike. Their eyeshadows are probably what they are most well known for, thanks to their Freedom System that allows users to customise their own eyeshadow palette. They are currently located in 420 doors in over 50 countries and are rapidly growing, with plans to open 25 more doors by the end of this year. Along with their growth comes news that Inglot will launch their very first skincare products.

Your makeup is only going to look as good as your skin underneath

This is the statement Hayden Tee, Inglot’s creative director, told WWD. You may have heard similar previously because it is something I often scream about. Skin is the canvas, and the paint (makeup) can only do so much. 

So what is it that Inglot will launch? They have revealed their first skincare products as a trio of Multi-Action Toners. Launching this week is three tinted toners, for dry (orange), normal (pink) and oily (green) skin types. While not meant to add coverage, each contains colored pigments claiming to help soothe skin. “Toners are the first step in preparing makeup,” explained Tee.

The one thing I didn’t understand about why Inglot would go in to the skincare market why facial toners, of all things. For a professional makeup brand it is strange to see them release just one product and for that to be a toner. “The makeup artist doesn’t have the luxury to prep the models skin for eight weeks before a shoot,” said Tee, “but these toners prepare the skin to look beautiful immediately.” That definitely makes sense!

Stockist Details

At the time of publishing, only Inglot UK had loaded the new Toners to their website, priced at £12. Pricing is not yet known for USA and Australia but keep an eye on the Inglot website as I am sure it will pop up any day now.

Do you use Inglot products? Would you be interested in trying the toners? Let me know by commenting below!

At this time it us unknown if Inglot test on animals or contain animal ingredients. I have requested this information from the company and will update this section upon receiving a response.

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