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This weekend is the Sydney International Spa & Beauty Expo. It is a professional exhibition and conference held annually for those who work in the beauty industry. Anyone from beauty school students through to salon owners and beyond come together for 2 days of education and discovery of the industry we all love. This expo is a trade show so it is definitely not about shopping, but I do find it the best place to find suppliers of quality beauty instruments and products. In fact, beauty expos are responsible for a good chunk of the discoveries I have talked about on The Plastic Diaries. The other thing I love about the expo is that some of the greatest beauty minds come to the show to share their wisdom. Through masterclasses, seminars and live demonstrations we have the opportunity to witness what people have achieved in beauty.

The attendance of the Sydney International Spa & Beauty Expo is always a hot debate amongst professionals, enthusiasts and consumers. From my post last year I did receive public and private comments about the fact I was even allowed in to the show. Last year I was honoured to be attending with a very special role, to judge multiple categories in the Face2Face Makeup Awards. This year I am going just to do my job of uncovering what is hot and to learn new things so I can report back to you, but do you think I should be there? I want you to tell me but before you do, have a look at what I am most excited to check out.

Jeff Pink

Mr ORLY himself, the man who created the french manicure as we know it today, will be taking to the main stage to share his extensive wisdom on nails. I was so lucky to meet the legend during my time at Cosmoprof and I was blown away by his enthusiasm for nails. It is not every day (or even year) you see a man still have passion for the things he created especially when they are nail products. Plus he has a way of speak that truly inspires and reminds you why you fell in love with nails too.

The demo will include Mr Pink and one of my favourite manicurists, Fiona Hay, presenting new ways to take the classic french manicure to the next level.

Founder, President and CEO of ORLY International, Jeff Pink

Founder, President and CEO of ORLY International, Jeff Pink

Jane Iredale

The Expo is really pulling in the big names this year. Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup is one of the world’s leading mineral makeup brands, which when she launched in 1994 was the first company to supply makeup products that had skincare benefits. Just like my own philosophy, Jane has always thought of makeup as an essential part of a woman’s sense of well-being and she wanted to make that easy to achieve. That is why she is on my list of all-time favourite beauty innovators.

There are two chances to learn from Jane at the expo. On day 1 (Sunday) Jane presents “Beauty of the Decades” on the main stage, where she will teach makeup applications suited to 20, 30, 40 & 50 year olds. Trust me, there is definitely a difference to how you apply makeup as you age and it is worth knowing how to apply makeup to all ages if you plan to work in the field of makeup artistry. On day 2 (Monday) Jane will host an education session on “The Art of Corrective Camouflage”, teaching attendees different techniques for camouflaging everything from everyday issues like dark circles through to medical camouflage for eczema.

Food, Mood and Your Attitude

Until recently I was adamant that food really didn’t make that much of an impact on how we look. Since embracing the vegan lifestyle I have seen a huge change so it has peaked my interest to know what else may make a change. In this demonstration Exercise and Energy Specialist, Jo Rushton, will show us the link between your food intake and your mood and what makes you feel beautiful. Additionally Jo will talk about the four most important mood regulating hormones and the specific nutrients you require to boost your mood and your beauty.

Rae Morris

Rae is a best selling author, Australia’s L’Oreal Paris Makeup Director and four times Australian Makeup Artist of The Year. Aside from all that, she is also hilarious and motivates you to whip out your brush kit and start fluffing powders on your face. I may have a tiny girl crush on her, but I bet that isn’t obvious. The point of the story is Rae is a legend and I would jump at any opportunity to learn from her. You can book a ticket to one of her education sessions or pop by her stand where her amazing books and makeup brushes (cruelty free as well!) will be sold.

Two education sessions are on offer from Rae this year. “Makeup Masterclass with Rae Morris” is happening on day 1 where she will take you back to basics and teach you how to do things flawlessly. On day 2 Rae shares “The Top 10 Secrets To Success In The Makeup Industry” and it is a topic this lady knows well. If you are a makeup artist, or plan to be a makeup artist, this is a session you need to attend.

Face2Face Makeup Awards

I love watching makeup artists in action. There is something so amazing about how they work and the things they create with a few flicks of a brush. I guess it is like what most people see in art, but I just appreciate it more when it is on someones face. The Face2Face Makeup Awards gives makeup artists the chance to test their skills and see if they can work to a brief. It is like combat training ahead of a makeup artistry war. Perhaps I am being a little dramatic, but the competition is fierce and the skill level is staggering. Divided into three categories, challengers have to pit their creativity and makeup skills against each other live in front of a watching crowd. It is thrilling to witness.

The judges and I at the Face2Face awards in 2012.

The judges and I at the Face2Face awards in 2012.

Juicing for Health

Catherine Craig is the founder of Schkinny Maninny, one of Australia’s leading juice cleanse companies. I tried my first juice cleanse this year so I am interested to find out more on the subject. Catherine will appear on the Wellbeing Stage to answer some of the important questions we all wonder about juice cleansing, and why it has a close relationship with beauty.

Show Information

The Sydney International Spa & Beauty Expo is being held at the Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre on 25 & 26 August 2013. The trade show is only open to professionals of the beauty industry so you are required to register (do so via their website). Tickets cost $20 online or $25 at the door and are valid for entry both days.

Do you think I should be attending this professional trade show? Do you study/work in the beauty industry? Let me know by commenting below!

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